Published February 3, 2013 by Sandee


I’m a brown-skinned black woman with kinky hair, but people have told me that I look like white women.  It’s weird.  Years ago in a salon, a woman pointed at a white model in Vogue.  “You look like her,” she said.  The model wore a grey fur vest, a fur hat and Cossack boots – she had her foot up on a stoop.  Odd, but I saw it.

Once a woman squinted and said, “I know this is weird, but you look like this white woman on As the World Turns.”  At least she knew it was weird.

Last weekend I met three women — one said, “You look like Ali McGraw!”  Her friends said, “You do look like Ali McGraw.”  How bizarre, I thought, but Googled her and saw why they might see a resemblance.

People have said that I look like black women too.  Imagine that.

Someone said that I looked like Pam Grier.  For those who know her, look at that picture and take two guesses why I don’t look like no Pam Grier.

Pam Grier -- Ba-hahaha!

My mom says I look like Halle Berry.  But she’s my mom, so we’ll let that one slide.  Aside from that body, I don’t think she’s all that anyway.

Years ago people said that I looked like Shari Belafonte.  My dentist thought so.  “Shari Belafonte with bad teeth, huh,” I said.  He didn’t think it was funny.  Maybe he thought I insulted his dental work?

Way back my boyfriend approached, pointing — “Know what you look like?  An a-cheetah!”  What did he know from cheetahs living in the city?  I was also momentarily stunned because he had said, do you know “what” you look like.  Two other guys also said that I looked like a cheetah, but said it correctly.

I have moles all over my face and a round head?  I move like a cheetah?

I love looking like a cheetah.  Raowr!  I just wish I could run like a cheetah and not like I’m wearing a loaded diaper.

I could see Shari Belafonte and the cheetah right off the bat.

But I prefer looking like a cheetah, because when you look like a celebrity you’re relegated to being mini-me.  You’re an ersatz version of them.

I saw a stuffed cheetah at the Museum of Natural History.  That place seems so dusty and old – old in a bad way, like there’s still asbestos padding the walls.  I stared at the cheetah for a while.  I imagined patting that cheetah and clouds of dust coming out of it.

What creatures of the wild kingdom do you resemble?

76 comments on “Raowr!

  • Loaded diaper haha!!! I always thought you were mixed. Don’t think Halle is all that either but that body of hers is banging.

    I have a big head and teeth… I’m thinking I look like any creature with those features lol. Enjoyed reading this aunt Sandee. Have a great sunday and week.

    Hugs& love

    • Oh git out! You are the cutie! I hope you enjoy your weekend too — I’m supposed to be leaving here in about a half an hour — let’s see how that works out! Hahaha — I sit here proscrastinating on this damn computer, shoot!

  • If I stop shaving my head and let my hair grow, everyone says: you look like a young Bob Dylan. I can kind of see the resemblance, a big mop of curly hair that grows out. Plus i can’t sing and neither can he so we have two things in common.

  • So basically, you are what I thought you are – gorgeous. I’m right. don’t deny it.
    You were born in the year of the tiger so… you probably do look a little feline. Me too.

    I used to work in a psychiatric hospital and there was a patient by the name of, Rosebud. She was an old black woman with schizophrenia. I loved her. The funny thing is, she thought I was her daughter. Talk about not seeing color…! (I think some of those patients had one foot in this world and the other foot in the next world – she could see my spirit, minus my appearance.) She’d sit on the couch with me, her arm around me, and talk about personal family matters. When the other staff walked by she’d introduce me as her daughter. haha! It was sweet. I’ll never forget her.

    • This story about Rosebud is great! I love that her name was Rosebud. My uncle was schizophrenic. I do believe that they have special intuition. I really enjoyed our conversations. My family joked with me about my ability to have long conversations with him. Oh and, thank you for the compliment Lisa! That’s right I forget about the year of the tiger influence — raowr!

  • I think it’s your cheak bones that make you look white and lilke a cheetah too. The only animal I have been said to look like was a poodle! and that was just because of my hair cut way back in the 80’s lol

  • A loaded diaper…haha. You’re so funny. Perhaps the cheetah is your totem animal! That would be cool since the cheetah is so slick and quick. For me, lately I’ve been thinking about this actually, Sandee. I think I’m going with the dragonfly, because they symbolize creativity and change. Unfortunately, they do not live long!

    • I like that — a dragonfly — that would work for me. Hey, we don’t really live that long either if you think about it. Sometimes when I’m reading history about a person’s life, I think gee whiz that really isn’t a great span of time…

    • Oh noooo! I tell you, I might not answer his calls either — but maybe he meant it affectionately? Someone called me a monkey once also — that’s right, I forgot about that one!

    • Oh that little cutie — I loved that little bee girl! She reminded me of my sister when she was that age too.

      On another note –there’s this woman in my building with a little baby — they remind me so much of you and C! For a fleeting second I thought, hmmm, but then I remembered that you live in another state.

    • I know right — I do look like a bunch o’ people! Thanks for the compliment about the picture! It was Jamaica — that room behind me was so full of smoke from weed you couldn’t see anything in it — hahaha!

  • I don’t think I look anything like any member of the animal kingdom, but considering that I’m pretty short and getting pudgy, I suppose if you placed a pointy red hat on my head, I could double as a clean shaven lawn gnome.

    Hey, I enjoyed your appearance in the Super Bowl:

    • Oh God! — Thanks for making me laugh twice tonight! Who comes up with these commercials! I swear some of them are brilliant — and I kinda hate to admit that a commercial can come under this category.

  • Great post. What can I say? It’s refreshing as usual. I need to find another adjective though.

    No spirit animal hear and no one ever compared me to one. I always identified with cats more than anything else, but I am not catlike.

    I wish I had a spirit animal, but I will settle for being my own for now.

    Great photo you gorgeous thing!

    • Aw thank you Katherine — I should have noted that the photo is of me in my late thirties, and not one that had been taken recently. I wouldn’t be caught dead in a bikini now! I don’t mind being called a gorgeous thing — I love it!

  • I googled your supposed doppelgangers and (sorry about Pam! 🙂 ) I thought there was a slight resemblance in at least each. I can understand why you would be likened to a cheetah. Haha.

    I once asked the boyfriend what animal I looked like and he said a combination of a wild colourful bird and a tigress. Hmm.

  • Loaded diaper runner! LOL! In my younger years, someone told me I looked like Ellen Barkin. Now, I just think I resemble a golden retriever without the good-natured dim-wittedness. Not that I don’t love goldens, I do. One member of my family raised them to pay for her B.S. and P.A. schools. Precisely how I know that many of those lovable mutts have rocks between the ears.

  • All the women you’ve been compared to are beauties so at least you’re in good company. Could be so much worse. During the Bill Clinton cigar scandal, I was compared to Monica Lewinsky many, many times. Okay, so we’re both chunky Jewish girls but come on! I’ve also gotten Roseanne. I prefer to think I look like Julia Louis Dreyfus (Elaine from Seinfeld) or Julianna Margulies (from ER/The Good Wife). As for animals, I am most definitely a shaggy dog!

    • Stephanie! Thanks for commenting! That Roseanne comparison is plain ridiculous! I could see Julianna Margulies. A shaggy dog — I don’t know about that one. You do remind me of Betty Page — I’ve you that one before.

  • I think that Ali McGraw and Shari Belafonte look similar. I don’t think it ever occurred to me that A.M. is white. After all, her first name is ‘Ali’, as in Muhammad and Tatiyana. (Then again, her last name is ‘McGraw’, as in Tug and Tim.)

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