Chilean bass sex tapes

Published January 27, 2013 by Sandee


The man who sold it to me told me, “It’s, mmm! – like butter.”  Oh well, yeah then, shit, give me some, I said.  I didn’t know how much I had paid for it.  I ate it and almost passed out.  How much did I pay for this?  I ran to the refrigerator to look at the wrapper around the rest of it to see what I paid for fish that almost made me come.  Okay.  Yeah, expensive but, oh well.

I’m too consumed with changing the trajectory of my life to be a foodie.  I keep it basic with food, but now I wonder if there’s other fish out there I missed.  While I don’t spare cost for good food, it can’t be too expensive.  I spent half my unemployment check on that fucking fish.  But I did buy it again.  Oh I just had to hit that up, like, two times…

60 comments on “Chilean bass sex tapes

    • Listen Carrie — haha! — I could easily replace the fish with cake and it’d be the same.

      On another track — I’m at the part in The Seneca Scourge where Sydney’s in Casper’s apt. and finds out all that stuff — I am like so into it! Good stuff, good stuff!

  • There are some foods that are so good they do seem like the second coming of crack cocaine, but try not to become a total Chilean sea bass addict. That grub’s not cheap! Like you, I am also a seafood fan.

  • Sandee, I really enjoying your writing. currently reading “Mean-Spirited Tales” & I tell you I howled through “Cake Baking Bitch” & “Doody Lady”, your quirky sense of humor is so refreshing to read.

  • I am gonna have to get me some of that….
    Good food IS good food… (so the Howler will go without a few chewies) he’ll live. (and perhaps lose a few ounces)

    • I’m tellin’ you girl! It is fabulous! You’d probably hook it up better than me since you do know how to cook. I just put olive oil, honey, ginger, salt and pepper on it. Oh littoo Howler — maybe he can share it with you…

  • I love shell fish but I’m not big on fish, per se. After reading your description though, I have to wonder if all my seafood experiences have been sub-par? Maybe I don’t like fish because the fish I’ve eaten is never the good stuff or not prepared correctly? Hmm..
    Well, I’m glad you have a good source. I guess that’s what I get for living in stupid land-locked Illinois. ha!

    • I never considered that the seafood would be better here because we’re on the coast — what do you know! I didn’t prepare the fish with gourmet seasonings, just olive oil, honey, ginger, salt and pepper — actually the guy at the Whole Foods fish dept. said that I shouldn’t overpower the Chilean bass because of the natural flavor — I think it’s what he said anyway. I still plan on looking for a recipe for this fish on the internet.

  • That’s how they get you, man. They start you out with the good stuff, and then you go back to the fish store a few more times and then when they know you’re hooked, they switch up the Chilean sea bass with cod or flounder, and then you’re jonesing again.

  • Yeah, it’s like Toro or Hamachi sushi. Or maybe live scallop. Three faves. My resolve to do less damage on the world’s fish population melts when I walk by my favorite sushi restaurant. I stay away from that side of town.

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