Black Forest Cake

Published January 10, 2013 by Sandee

black forest cake

When not bothered with car alarms, subway track shovings, phlegm-splattered streets, or with being steamrolled by high-powered, well-dressed residents, I appreciate the city with a renewed vision.

On Sunday I enjoyed the break dancers on the train without worrying about getting kicked in the face by the one who does back flips.  Their music was an unusual underground club mix.  I wondered who the artist was, but didn’t want to push past passengers to ask the dancers.  So I just enjoyed looking at New York characters on the train like a wide-eyed tourist.  Usually I’d be scowling, hyperventilating, crying.

After Trader Joes and Fairways – both madhouses – I went to the train station without the usual threat of impending doom.  A black man sitting on a stool on the downtown side was warming up on the electric guitar.  The rhythmic pattern unfolded into Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven.  He had a nice psychedelic improvisation.  I wanted to run across the tracks to sing in accompaniment.

But you can’t have everything, right?  The conductor announced that the train wouldn’t go all the way up.  The last stop was City College.  We had to get out and wait for the next train.  Of course it was crowded.

My blood sugar tanked.  My euphoria – gone.  It dissipated into annoyance aimed at the woman who didn’t appreciate that people had gotten off at the last stop and that she now had room to move away from me.

Sapped of energy, I took the train past my usual stop to the next one because there’d be no hill.  Exhausted, I became neurotically focused on what might be wrong other than a common need to eat.

The Carrot Top bakery was on the way.  Just maybe, they would sell Black Forest Cake by the slice again.  When they had stopped selling it like this, I thought of having a Black Forest Cake party, an excuse to buy the cake without dealing with the siren call of the whole cake in my refrigerator for me to eat by myself.  What — ho!  They sold it by the slice again.

Turns out the lack of energy I had at the last leg of my trip was in my head.  I skipped home now, cake in hand.  Cake, the succor of sinners, the balm in Gilead, the rotter of *teeth bones.

*A shout out to my friend who referred to teeth as “exposed bone.”  I totally got this idea from her!

64 comments on “Black Forest Cake

  • Black Forest cake is one of my favorites. That looks like a mighty delicious one that you’ve posted. I’m totally weak when it comes to cake. For me it’s like crack. If I let my mind fixate for too long on Mocha cake… I’ll go a little insane. It’s not even the cake as much as it is the buttercream frosting. Oh lord, what have you done to me, Sandee? Now I have to go find some.

    Teeth as exposed bones… maybe if I fixate on that I won’t want the cake! haha!

  • LOVE Black Forest cake, Sandee. This one looks totally scrumptious! Good for you for skipping out of the bake shop. I’d have probably parked my butt somewhere, eaten the cake, and gone back for seconds…and maybe thirds! hahahaha xoxoM

    • You know you have a problem when you wait to eat your cake at home, like somebody with a bag of drugs. They have tables and chairs in there but I look forward to coming home and being alone with it.

    • Maybe I’ll eat two slices and do the Sloppy Swish to get the weight off — hahaha! I was so in love with that video, I think I watched it 10 times. It has that makeshift cable public access video quality to it that was really clever too. I love the part when he spews bile in Ann Hathaway’s face — as you see I’m obsessed with this video!

        • Oh yeah, the glove part — I have to go back now to look at it again! Ahahahaha!

          I don’t know about you Carrie because you’ve got a lot going on, but me, especially on work hiatus and all — I need to get a life for sure!

  • Need cake now! Sadly I don’t eat sugar so I generally save cakes for very special occasions. Sounds damn good though.

    I like the visual of you doing your best Robert Plant impersonation.

    • I never thought I’d like singing but sometimes, especially when I hear hard rock or heavy metal classics I feel like I can. You may recall I’m a death metal enthusiast — I don’t think I could ever sing like that as they growl and scream which I love. There are some women who can do it though and I’m totally jealous.

    • Awww, Lynne…I hope you get back up to your usual energy level with your creativity and activism. Maybe this a period for ‘me time’. Take it easy Lynne. Maybe your body’s telling you it’s time to slow down a bit?

  • …And you deserve every crumb of that cake. After all, you had to endure a lot just to get home. (It’s like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonda🎵) AHA! I haven’t been to NY yet; and I heard that its just like the way you described. Phew, I’m exhausted.
    I enjoyed your story. Enjoyed the cake!! 🙂

    • Oh boy — before you visit, just read a few of my posts about a day in the life in the big city, to prepare yourself — haha! Though I grew up in Manhattan, my family moved to the Bronx for a few years, and Melle Mel from Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five who sang that song, ‘It’s like a jungle…’ went to my high school! That phrase so fits at times…

    • Ahahaha! A cake induced stupor — I wish! Good to see you!

      I haven’t posted as frequently lately, so thanks for checking in to say hello! I appreciate it! I hope you’re enjoying your day. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with mine. I have a big day tomorrow so I think I’m procrastinating as a way to quiet my mind. It’s all good however.

      I’ve been slowly pecking away at a post, not in the vein of my usual daily blogging routine. But I’m still in here! See you later Audra and thanks again for saying hello!

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