New Year’s Eve With Sandee and Company

Published January 8, 2013 by Sandee


I escaped spending New Year’s Eve in the emergency room.  My neighbor had a bleeding growth on top of his balding pate.  Oh I can talk about him here – I’m 99 percent sure he won’t read this.

I love him.  He’s eighty-something.  He has a computer – he doesn’t look or seem to be the age that he is, but when you’re eighty-something, you don’t have time to troll the web for random blog sites.  When he gives me a site address he says the entire www dot-whatever-the-hell-it-happens-to-be-dot com – cute!

I’m his secretary when he goes to Ireland.  I mind his apartment, get his mail.  I call him twice a week in Ireland to read it to him.  Piece by piece.  He gives me all kinds of instructions.  I’m on the phone with him for an hour.  Another elderly neighbor from Ireland used to mind his apartment for him.  When she found out I was doing it she says, “Oh God bless you Sandee!  I’m done with it — he thought I was his fucking secretary!”

When he called and told me that his head was bleeding, I ran down there.  Turned out the bleeding happened during the evening.  He thought he should go to emergency to check it out.

“I’ll get dressed and be back in half an hour,” I said – I had just thrown some slop on to run down there.

I felt guilty fluffing my lashes with mascara while he waited downstairs with his bleeding growth, but one half hour later exactly, I was ready.

I get there — he’s still in his robe, holding a tray of food.

“Come in.  Have a seat Sandee,” he says.

What?!  I almost choked wolfing down my food, and suffered guilt for putting on mascara, and you ain’t even ready — I put off my morning jog for you!

“Why don’t you just call me when you’re ready,” I said, and went up to change for a jog.”

I got back.  No message.  Haha!  He did call — two hours later!  Some emergency.  I headed back to his apartment thinking, Maybe he changed his mind.  Yay.

While he was dressed this time, he says all leisurely again, “Come in.  Have a seat Sandee.”  He sat in the reclining chair.  I stood over his head to see the wound.  It appeared fine.

“You’re not in pain?”

“No, it’s just the damn thing bleeding last night is all,” he says in his slight Irish brogue.  He wasn’t bruised and wasn’t in pain.  I suggested he wait till the day after New Year’s Day, when his doctor would be in.

“If an emergency happens in between, call me.  But you don’t want to be going to emergency unless it’s really an emergency – we could be there hours.”

“Hours?  Really?”  He’d never been to emergency it turned out.

I had an angle then, while he still teetered on the idea of going.

“Yeah, trust me,” I said.  I told him horror stories of the emergency room that we might see sitting in there so long and got him to change his mind.  Brilliant!  I’d seen some pretty horrible things in emergency, heard awful things.

He thought he’d be seen right away.  Aha.  Au contraire mon frère, I told him.  When I was done with my horror stories, my buddy was turned off by the idea of going, and while I successfully angled for this to happen, I’m still taking brownie points.  Dammit. But sure, I’d do it all again.  He’s my buddy.

51 comments on “New Year’s Eve With Sandee and Company

  • You’re a good woman to look out for your neighbor like that. I hope everything was all right. I got to spend New Year’s day in the ER a couple years ago with Dad (UTI that had gotten out of control; antibiotics and an overnight stay).

    • Oh boy! I hope he’s doing better. You also are a good woman indeed! Your dad’s lucky to have you in his life and you’re lucky to have him. Yes, I try to look out for the oldsters in the building, but they’re amazing really and don’t need much looking after. The woman I referred to is 86 and still rides her bike everyday and curses, as noted above, like a sailor! She says the most shocking things.

    • I hate when that happens — it happens from time to time with wordpress for whatever reason. I’m glad you stuck it out George! That could be it too, loneliness — we do keep each other company sometimes. Thanks for the kind sentiment.

  • He sounds like a sweety. You’re a good neighbor and friend, Sandee. One day if you’re ever in that situation I’m sure you’ll be cared for in the same way. 🙂

    • I love him to death. I have a crush on him. Wouldn’t it be funny if he wound up having to take care of me — hahaha! Actually believe it or not, he has a girlfriend about 20 years his junior — she used to live with him but now she’s in MD taking care of her mom. She’s a very attractive woman. I know her as well. Good people.

  • Sandee, that’s so nice of you to take care of your neighbor. Sounds as if he really likes having you around. Friend, secretary, caregiver — you’re a jack of all trades, my friend. Happy 2013.

  • You are so good to look out for him and be his friend, Sandee. That takes patience and time. He is lucky to have you. You are right about the ER….only if it’s a real emergency. Plus, I don’t know about you, but I pay quite a bit more for the ER!

  • I’m all agog, Sandee, did you ever find out what caused the bleeding in the first place? He’s so lucky you dissuaded him from going to the emergency room! I spent 20 years there one night! xoxoM

    • Yeah 20 years — I can very well see it — I always say 102 years! Hahaha! He has a growth that his doctors are going to eventually remove but it started bleeding profusely he said. When I saw him he had bandages on it but there was dried blood surrounding it. There wasn’t any fresh blood coming out of it. I think it’s a benign growth of some sort. I guess he’ll have it taken care of sometime this week.

    • Oh thank you Lauren! I’ve known him for 22 years since I moved in this building. He and his girlfriend were really nice to me when I moved in. I liked the old time neighborhoody feel of this building.

      Let’s hope people would think to look after us if we should need it!

  • Bless your heart, Sandee, you’re so kind and funny. Your neighbor sounds like a typical Irish guy, not worrying much about a bleeding head. My dad would be the same way. And hell yeah about the ER. Unless you’re actually convulsing or choking, you’ll be there for hours. I’ll do pretty much anything to avoid going unless I absolutely have to. I assume your buddy is okay now?

    • Aw thanks Mme. W… My friend’s supposed to be taking care of it this week. He was expecting that he would be admitted, then of course, I’d have to be his sec’y again.

    • Ahahaha! I thought about that, taking a half an hour for an emergency! But when I left him, I said, be back in 20 minutes and he squinted so then I suggested a half an hour and he thought that would be better. You know, this wasn’t an emergency situation at all, when you have that kind of time 🙂

  • hahah let’s hope he doesn’t get bored and idle enough to go blog hopping DWL! Sounds like a sweet elderly … you must have really freaked him out with that emergency room.. Truth be told I’d rather die at home than go to one if the need arose … by time they see me I’d be dead anyway so i might as well save some the hassle! 🙂

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