Celebrity butt kissing series

Published December 31, 2012 by Sandee

Famke Janssen

I helped make somebody a Hollywood Star.  And yet I live, ever so humbly.  I wrote a play in college in’91 and handpicked three people from my class to star in it.  They didn’t act on stage, just read the script in a workshop.  I don’t even remember the name of it — but still!  I only just remember that one of the characters was insane — of course.

After starring in my blockbuster play, Famke Janssen developed a very successful movie career for which I totally take credit.  I had no idea then that she was getting into acting.  I saw her on the big screen for the first time in the X-Men.  “My protégé!” I cried, pointing at the screen.

Famke was nice.  I liked Famke, but Famke never gave me credit for catapulting her to success.  Famke hasn’t thanked me.

If her ship starts sinking and mine begins doing whatever it is that ships do when they sail very well, would I offer her a lifeboat?  Of course I’d offer her a lifeboat – I molded her career for goodness sake – remember in the World of Suzie Wong, Suzie Wong she kept saying this – in that cute Chinese accent — “For goodness sake!”  What a racist movie, but for the life of me I just love saying that.  Nancy Kwan rules!

Really, I don’t think Famke Janssen’s ship would sink and would never wish for it to sink.

Kiss kiss on both cheeks to Famke Janssen – well hell, all four cheeks – this post is called “Celebrity butt kissing series” for goodness sake!

Long live the beauteous Famke Janssen!

What celebrity encounters have you had?  Do you know Famke Janssen?


62 comments on “Celebrity butt kissing series

  • Let’s see… Once I sat right next to a very famous Colombian Comic on a plane. Álvaro Lemmon is his name. Sadly, the flight was only 40 minutes long but we had a hoot. It was from my hometown to Bogota. I was on my way back to Canada as I was already living here.

    A couple of years ago, I was at this bar and ran into Cuba Gooding Jr. I didn’t even know he was in town shooting a movie with Christian Slater. That was fun. We looked into each other’s eyes and then he looked down to his drink. I let him be. The bar manager told me movie stars like going out in Canada because Canadians are so polite, we don’t bother them so they can relax and have fun.

    that’s about it for y claim to fame 🙂

  • She’s got nerve, huh? Never thanking the person who launched her career…? haha!
    My list of celebrity encounters is way too long. I’ll keep it short – I grew up with Vanessa Williams. She was in my dance classes and in my high school. I was even at her house one time. We traveled with the same group of friends.
    My last encounter was with the Allstate insurance guy. (The guy with the deep voice?) I think I’m going to do a post about him. We had more than one encounter at a hotel in Austin, recently. He was very tall and handsome in person – I think he had his personal assistant with him but that didn’t stop him from making chit-chat with me at the valet and over breakfast. Mmm-hmm. I even looked to see if he had a ring! haha!

  • I remember Famke from “Nip Tuck.” Did you ever see that one? She was a transgender in that and was quite brilliant. So, you did good, Sandee! I took a ballet class from a famous ballerina, Gelsey Kirkland. That’s about it! But husband got a call from President Clinton once (when he was President). We got invited to his speech!

  • Thank you for revealing that you were Famke’s Svengali. Back in the day, Richard Lewis and George Stephanopoulos both flirted with me. It felt awkward because I’m queer as a nine dollar bill, I had zero interest in either of them, and they were both nice guys. Oh, why couldn’t it have been Angelina Jolie?

    • Yes I think I read that her name means that in her Wikepedia page. “Girl” Janssen was actually very cool in person. I think it’s why I thought to ask her to read in my play. I didn’t even know that she had been a model, actress — any of that — she was indeed humble.

  • Yay! Sandee The Star Maker! I’ve encountered a real Prince… didn’t get to the kissing part. And a famous magician. There was a crowd between his third and fourth cheek.

  • Hah after seeing Taken 2 I thought about what a weird name Famke is. But I guess if you have a pretty face, you can have any name you want! But yeah you basically launched her career and made her who she is today.

  • Color me impressed. If you write something for me and I get famous, I will give you all the credit. My must recent brush with fame was a couple weeks ago when LeVar Burton responded to and retweeted a tweet I sent out. It was pretty much the coolest thing ever. I am a fan.

  • You should have drawn up a ‘Royalty Contract” with her before she became famous! lol but then you’d be drawing up contracts with everyone you meet 😉
    Years ago I worked for the BBC so met a lot of actors, you’d probably go “Huh?’ if I mentioned names but I did meet Brian Blessed once. He was in Flash Gordon! Remember that? Now I’m really showing my age! He was great like a cuddle teddy bear! lol
    I had a problem with one actor’s name once and the Security Guard came up to me, saying “You know Claire! He’s that guy out of the bird twitching comedy, Aren’t you mate?” and before I realized what I was saying, the words “Oh I don’t watch that show! It’s crap!”…hmm Poor guy stood there looking really embarrassed. I apologized profusely and he made a joke of it but I felt bad as the next day I found he had left me 2 tickets for the show he was in at the local city Playhouse.
    These days I just try and keep my mouth shut now…. just in case! lol

  • Met quite a few local ones (Jamaica) while back stage at a popular concert 😀 Inclusive of my future husssi — yea he still doesn’t know and a guy who grew up with my dad apparently! lol

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