Angst and Evolution

Published December 22, 2012 by Sandee

why me 2

Armageddon was pretty uneventful this year — other than the fact that I’m suffering from the need of an apicoectomy.  That’s a dental procedure.  It hurts like holy hell, which is why I didn’t get it when I was supposed to.  That’s why I’m in trouble now for waiting so long.

So…happy Armageddon to me — know what’m sayin’?  At least I got to listen to our favorite Armageddon holiday song .  It’s really hardcore, so only those who are interested in adding it to their holiday selection, please, enjoy:

As expected on this holiday of Armageddon, I experienced a small degree of existential angst, which I’d say wasn’t eventful.  That’s what this day’s about anyway.  Angst comes, and she goes — that’s what they told me in Harlem Hospital the day I was born.  It was during the Welcome-to-the-World speech that they gave to all the newborns back in 1962 – haha!

Harlem Hospital used to be the best place to go for gun shot wounds because they happened with frequency then.  So they were better prepared for it.  Harlem was very different during that period.

Ever see Cotton Comes to Harlem?  Well, that’d give you an idea.  Maybe.  My mom grew up there, not far from Frankie Lymon of Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers.  My dad lived on Convent Avenue, though he wasn’t born and raised in Harlem like my mother.

The Harlem area was originally inhabited by the Manhattan Native people.  The Dutch came later and called it Haarlem (Haaaaaaahhhhrlem!).  Fast forward to the Great Migration when Blacks came there from the south, then there was the Harlem Renaissance era.  My grandparents migrated to Harlem from the south during the later period of migration.  The depressed era in Harlem happened after the Renaissance.

Now the era in Harlem is the one that’s too rich for me to live in!  Haha!  You should see some of those brownstones, they’re palaces.  Nothing stays the same in this world.  Not even me.

I’ve come out of my angst to a period of excitement and wide possibilities.  See how that worked?  Evolution.  Cool.

21 comments on “Angst and Evolution

  • That dental procedure sounds horrendous. I just had four fillings replaced from my candy-filled childhood and the dentist hit a nerve while numbing me up. Holy mother fucker that hurt. Put off the work as long as you can.

    • The procedure IS horrendous! When I googled it, these awful images came up! ‘Candy-filled childhood’ — I totally relate to that! Good times, good times… The dentist hit a nerve?! — Wow-wee — Holy mother fucker — is right — shit! — I’ve had that happen before. It’s everyone’s dental nightmare. At least you only had filling issues.

  • I sympathize with your dental woes. And the attendant insurance problems.

    I have jury duty this week, but we have a system here where you call the courthouse the day before, and they tell you whether or not you have to come in. If you make it through the whole week without getting called in, you’re done; if you get called in but don’t get on a jury, you’re done. And since this is Christmas week, two days are already “don’t come in.” It’s still a pain, but much less of one.

    Merry Christmas to all of us, in spite of life interfering. And thanks for the happy Armageddon song. Can’t have enough of those.

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