Thanks for etching these phrases into the annals of my behind – I mean – into the annals of my mind

Published December 21, 2012 by Sandee

Me in the merry merry month of May

The people below coined these phrases.  I want to share them.  But I advise you to say them the way that they were originally said.  Okay?  Okay.  Here:

Count Yorga narrator – theatrical voice

“A miasma of pu-trid de-cay!”

My 5th grade classmates in 1973 –  Pseudo-British accent

“A half plus a half equals two halves plus one more half equals too many.”

Closing credits singer in ‘Scream Blacula, Scream’ –  must be spoke/sung in Billy Dee Williamsey voice

“So alone, so lonelyyyyyy…”

Ex boyfriend G. – which one of us had it?  I don’t know it’s debatable – say like a Bowery Boy

“Ass-crack stench.”

The minister at church, referring to our misconception of God – Baptist minister on the pulpit style

“A cosmic Santa Klaus!”

My cousin’s reason for having to hang up from our phone conversation quick, fast and in a hurry!  Say this one any way you want then get the hell out

“This shit’s ‘bout to pop out my ass!”

You might have seen a couple of these floating in my posts as they have become part of me, of my brain.

Would you like for them to be part of you?  Feel free to use them anytime you like, but use them with discretion.

This is my X-mas present to you.  You’re welcome.  I’m sorry.  Thank you!

32 comments on “Thanks for etching these phrases into the annals of my behind – I mean – into the annals of my mind

    • Hehehehe! That’s funny — ‘can’t unhear’! I’m sorry Brigitte!

      Glad you like the gravatar — I cropped my cute little nephews out of it — it’s all about me — tee hee hee! 😉

    • You’ve very welcome Mary! I’m glad you liked that one — it’s my favorite — it was pretty astute — rather clever I always thought for kids to think up. I was in the special progress classes back then 😉 Before becoming a delinquent that is — bahahaha!

  • “A cosmic Santa Klaus!”

    This post made me laugh out loud 🙂

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Sandee. I hope Santa brings you something far-out and yummy!

    • Merry Xmas ROS! I’m glad I could get you to laugh! I love the cosmic Santa Claus analogy because that what people thing God is.

      Thank you for your seasons greetings! I wish the same for you!

  • No need to be sorry, those are wonderful!
    I think the next time I get cornered at work I am gonna use the “pop out my ass” one… you think it will work?

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