REE-spect – my damn holiday!

Published December 17, 2012 by Sandee


I’m wiser in maturity.  I respect people and I’m community-minded.

I took my Halloween decorations off my door yesterday, to respect the people celebrating Xmas.  I want to show respect to the neighbors who have a wreath on their door opposite mine.  I didn’t give a hoot about stuff like this before.

Since my namesake hurricane came this year around Halloween I didn’t celebrate properly.  But it just felt plain rude, keeping the gravestone on my door, intruding on their holiday.  My holiday is gone now.  I need to get over it.  That’s maturity.

A few years ago, I left the Halloween ghoul on my door through Xmas, but made it season ‘appropriate’.   I cut a thought bubble out in white paper and wrote “Merry Xmas!” on it.  I attached it to the ghoul’s mouth like he was saying it.  Get it?  I merged two holidays!

Though, everyone knows I’m the ‘lovable’ freak on the top floor, the kindly spinster who ought to have eight cats but for some reason doesn’t.  They accept that I leave my Halloween decorations up until I officially feel Halloween’s over.

One year it ended in April.  But I try taking them down sooner now because Halloween is anticlimactic when you take your decorations down from the last year in, let’s say, August only to put them right back up on October 10th.

So I’ll take down the Halloween decorations inside my apartment after Xmas, that is, if the world doesn’t end on Friday.  Oooo, I’ll bet there will be some slamming End-of-the-World parties on Friday.  I wasn’t invited to any of them so I’ll be celebrating Armageddon by myself this year.

31 comments on “REE-spect – my damn holiday!

  • My aunt, a Christmas junkie, always leaves some small decoration up somewhere in the house, to keep a little Christmas around all year. I think you should do that with Halloween. A little ghoul or spider somewhere to remind you of happy hauntings.

    I forgot about the latest End of the World. Now I know what song I’ll be posting on Friday.

    • So glad I reminded you of Friday — and that you’ll be posting accordingly — see how the blogosphere works — yay! I love that your Aunt’s a xmas junkie! Ahahaha! I suppose I’m a Halloween one.

  • A. you are not old enough to be a kindly spinster!
    B. You keep those decorations up as long as you like! What is better than a Christmas Ghoul? Uh hello? Christmas Carol? So technically you are decorated for the Holiday correctly
    C. Party like a Rock Star Sandee 🙂

  • You are not alone.. I have been known to leave my Christmas tree up (yes, it’s a fake one) until Easter.. What can I say, I like the lights and sparkly things!!

  • You got me thinking about an ‘end of the world’ party. Maybe I can pull something together? Here’s the twist, I think we should celebrate an end to the ugly parts of this world. The crap parts of this world need to come to an abrupt halt; the end of hate, isolation, ignorance, fear, run away egos, materialism, greed, judgement, superficiality, evil, indifference, complacency, violence, cruelty, vanity, etc., etc.
    I know, it’s heavy, but what if the Mayans knew that this would end and that we’d enter into a period of enlightenment? Wouldn’t that be cool? I’m gonna try and focus on this idea and maybe include a little Karaoke to get things started. haha!

  • I didn’t even know the world was ending until recently…and the Mr. found out from me…we are so done for right lol…we sure didn’t get any invites…i know, i will pig out on Friday and hope the world does end that way my running and working out days are OVER…

  • I just got rid of my pumpkins the other day. What about having a zombie Santa? I like the idea of merging the holidays. They merge together anyway now, right? I can see why you make have wanted to keep up decorations with Sandy intruding. You just do what you need to do.

  • Just add some mistletoe and holly to your Halloween decor and you’re good to go. I forgot about that stupid Friday end of the world thing that’s not happening. But party on my friend. ;).

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