Published December 16, 2012 by Sandee


Westboro Baptist church gives Baptists churches a bad name.  Asshats.  I went to church today.  Speaking of hats, a few church ladies still do wear those hats and stuff and they all seemed to be sitting on the left side of the church.  They’re adorable.  Guess what I wore?  A huge pink flamingo hat with purple plumes, a mink stole and white patent leather pumps, three inches high.  I DID NOT wear that!  I wore the same clothes I’ve been wearing all week.  God doesn’t judge me for it so neither should you.

The minister is the best.  I haven’t been there for a couple of years, but I ran there today.  I couldn’t take the shit going on in my head about the children in Newton.  I still haven’t seen one news report or read any media on this.  I’m a mess without it.  When I go to Aol to get email, I look to the right, away from the media crap.  I think the media needs to be pulled in.  I hate them now.

On Saturday, I called my Auntie.  She’s also the best.  She’s a minister.  Really down to earth and like a social worker I guess you could say.  Very easy to talk to.  That helped.

Today Rev. Jessie T. Williams delivered — I tell ya what.  The altar prayer was also amazing.

I’ve mentioned it before that this minister is intellectual, and he definitely has the spirit.  Intellect and spirituality are not mutually exclusive.  Some philosophers will tell you that.

He broke it down today!  I almost feel that what he says coincides with science.

A man came late to the service and sat down between a woman and me.  Not only was he fidgeting the whole time but he was chatty as hell toward the end.  I wonder if he was trying to get his rap on.  All I know is I flew up out of there when it was over — didn’t want to find that out.


38 comments on “Asshats

  • I have been cautious when checking the news. I want to know what is happening but I try to control how much and what kind of things I see. I don’t need to see graphic photos to feel the horror of what has happened.
    I am glad the sermon and your Auntie are helping you deal with this.

  • I listened to O’s speech to the folks at the gathering tonight in Newton. He is as disturbed about the massacre as the rest of us. And determined to try to do something about it. I never heard him sound the way he did tonight. He looks so thin and sorrowful. I don’t know how society got here, but we have to move out of this place.

    • I’m glad you knew when to turn it off. I hear some people complain about how miserable they are and how they can’t take hearing all this bad news but yet they’re glued. They don’t understand the simple idea of shutting off the television or radio.

  • I love the hats women wear to church.. I saw a good documentary once on that subject called “Crowns”.
    i have not turned on the tv once time.. There is enough sorrow in the air, my eyes don’t need it too.

    • God is every where. I think some of those people going to church go for the social structure. A few of them are really mean too! Ahahaha! But the church I go to has a great spirit, the people there walk the walk, they practice and don’t preach, which is why I was attracted to going there. It’s good to go but you don’t have to go though.

      • I get plenty of good teaching sitting at home watching my pastor on TV. I just need to find some positive friends. Being there with others feeling the spirit of God would be good for me too. I hope that Iwill make it there soon. Give these people a chance anyway lol

  • Thank You for giving me a word to use,may I borrow it? I was having a hard time finding one that did not lower me to that level of nasty that those so called people are.

  • After the initial news brief about it, I stopped reading and listening. The rest is just hype and bullshit. I don’t want to see or hear people crying. I don’t want to have the trauma thrust in my face.

    I get it. Children, people gunned down for no good reason. I feel for the parents, family members, etc. I am not ice cold. But I cannot wallow in it…. for my own sanity’s sake.

    A good church is a good place to go for solace. I am glad it works for you…..

  • Stopped watching the news… Although I can’t get it out of my head.

    The end of this great post made me laugh… Wonder what the man’s deal was… Glad you were able to go to church.

    Hugs for a great week aunt Sandee

  • The flamingo plumed hat? Okay. The mink stole…meh. The white patent pumps? Seriously? hahaha Glad you’re finding solace in family, friends, church. I turned off the news on Friday. No further details needed. xoxoM

    • I picture me wearing the hat, stole and shoes BUT with nothing else, maybe just a pair of tube socks to keep the shoes from flipping of my feet. When you have a get up like that, who needs anything else?

      I do indeed need to lean on people during these times — in fact, I’m getting all my news from friends, family, etc. No need for news!

  • It was hard to open up the paper today and read all the names of those killed, as well as the short informational snippet about them. But I did read it–felt I owed it to them somehow. Tough stuff, for sure.

  • I know what you mean. I turn the computer on, and up comes an image. I can’t get off it quick enough. No. no, I can’t do it. I can’t see those faces. I have a son in elementary school in CT. Today I brought him into school as I had a parent/teacher meeting scheduled. When I put my hand on the handle of the main door I felt…fear. Fear- at an elementary school!
    All the teachers at his school are coping so well, with grace and confidence in the lives of the children they care for each day, in the lives of our babies who ask- how long is the police officer going to be at the school, Mom?
    But the grief…Sandy, the grief is palatable. I cried as I drove away.

    • I feel for all you parents. I’m glad that you can feel trust in the teachers at your son’s school. It’s sad that it comes to this where there has to be police presence at an elementary school, but it is a small comfort at the same time. Take care Jessica.

  • I watched the news last night, and after all the coverage of the tragedy, they covered a few homicides in our neck of the woods. I had to turn off the TV and meditate just to calm down enough to go to sleep. I just can’t handle this crap anymore.

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