Published December 14, 2012 by Sandee

My sister told me.  I had come back from jogging.  I will not turn on the television.  I won’t engage as much as I normally do with the computer.  I’ll be too crippled by images, statements, the media.  I’ve already cried and have suffered from an anxiety attack from this without even watching the news.  I knew it would happen again, and I feared this would happen to the babies.

Gun control.  Yes.  But it’s deeper than that and I don’t give a fuck who criticizes me for it – the way this society is structured, with this economic model – we could have alllllll the gun control we want but there will still be enough sick people out there to figure out how to kill people in other ways.  We generate this particular phenomenon in this society.

First I want to say that my prayers have gone out to these parents, and I’ll pray everyday because I believe in healing energy.  No cosmic Santa Claus will miraculously take away their pain, but I pray that somehow our energy surrounds them and that they are bound together with a spirit that keeps them from crumpling into oblivion.  Because we all need each other. Our energy depends on it.  But we don’t fucking know it and therein lies the problem.

That’s the way it should work.  Ideally.  But ‘Things’, buying ‘Things’, supporting big business by being dependent on ‘Things’ contributes to our own demise.  We’re not taking care of each other.  We’re competing, ostracizing others and filling the spiritual void with material things, and this requires quite a few people to be cut out of the equation, people who are alienated, alone, depressed, apathetic — violent.  I don’t need a motherfucking degree in sociology to tell you this.

The media informs us of what’s going on.  But how much do we need to be informed?  The deluge of information at some point becomes a source of ideas for sick people, as a friend pointed out earlier.  But the media has to make money, money money money, like everyone else in this fucking country.  How long do we have to get beaten in the head before we realize that we’re all contributing to our own demise?  Like, I, said, we’re all connected to each other.  So when you fuck people up the ass you’ll get fucked back in one way shape form or another!

Take an African or Native American proverb and put it on a museum wall.  Awww, how quaint!  Why not take the advice of some of these dismissed and neglected tribes to inform how we go about society in the future?   There are more than enough resources in this country.  It makes no sense that they are distributed by a small percent of greedy, power hungry motherfuckers.

Elevating to a higher consciousness is something that would take a while, so for now I just ask that you keep these families in your hearts.  If necessary go to your local church, temple, or house of spirituality.  Get together, ask for help for these families and for a solution.

But for now we see.  It happens all over the world and we have felt safe.  Now we see how the families of some of these people around the world have felt for a long long time.  But you can’t escape.

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    • One thing that always feels odd to me when I’m in America is that guns are avaliable to buy. I went to a huge mall and there was a hunting shop and a huge counter, all with guns behind and aisles and aisles of bullets. Even Walmart had a gun section, and that just looked odd to me because our equivalent of Walmart doesn’t and groceries mixed with guns is just weird. I’d never even seen a gun in real life before I went to America, and even now gun crime is more frequent in the UK, it still makes me feel uncomfortable to see armed policemen wandering around.
      I agree that it isn’t the gun laws to blame, or the fact they seem easier to purchase in the states. Your gun laws are different to ours, but that doesn’t mean crime is any different. We still have gun crime, despite it being difficult to get a gun license. We have people going berserk in schools and shootings on the street. If people are going to have a rampage, then they will find a way of doing it. There has to be another way. xox

  • My heart is so heavy. Our society is broken, if we don’t find away to change the flow of our energy from negative to positive I fear there is not much left to save. I hope that wiser minds than mind have the answers because today I am pretty hopeless. My thoughts are with all those touched by this senseless act.

  • Yes. What you’ve written is exactly right. Our society has allowed people to fall through the cracks. We live in lonely, isolation. We have dark images and evil at our fingertips – everything is accessible except a sense of belonging and love, care and community. We need to be on a big nationwide neighborhood watch – we need to care deeply for our brothers and sisters and actually walk the walk.
    And I’m just gonna put this out there… so many people are putting their energy behind removing God from our country in every capacity – as if the idea of God or what He stands for is bad. Seriously? Our country is suffering from a lack of good messages. Is it any wonder that evil is making strides? We should put our energy into loving one another and keeping track of one another. We should be striving to instill feelings of value and self worth.
    We’ve obviously failed. These are the hideous consequences of a society so off kilter and out of whack and with such screwed up priorities.
    I agree, Sandee. Eight people were stabbed to death in China today, so we know that guns are not solely to blame. Some changes need to take place and fast, or this will only be the start of our collapse. That’s how I feel.

    • You’re right Lisa. I think this unfortunately may be a wake-up call for us to take action against our failings. I really appreciate your feed- back. I must say I think the answer may be in healing a spiritual malady. But like you say the idea of God to a lot of people who imagine that they have intellect is anathema. God and intellect aren’t incompatible. Some really great philosophers believed in God.

  • I have not nor will i turn on the tv.. my head and heart are in shock.. such sorrow our country must bear… he killed his own Mother too.. oh lord help us all..

    • I’ve had a hard time eating and refuse to turn the tv on. My mind is on overdrive. I’ve had to reach out to people during this time. But my mind is always on those poor parents.

    • I know Emily. It’s unimaginable evil. I can only imagine what these poor parents are experiencing — this is what tears me up. And the babies…. I know you have a good support system. I hope you’re reaching out. I don’t have any children, just two little nephews whom I adore more than anyone else on the face of the earth — I have been a mess as well. But I know parents with children are experiencing all kinds of fears. My friends just reminded me that there are some things that I don’t have any control over. And that we have to cherish our loved ones every day.

  • If someone in that young man’s family had been taking care of and for him, they would’ve gotten him the help they knew he needed. That’s what really gets me. His brother is saying the shooter had a mental disorder. Why didn’t he try to help? Why didn’t he tell his mother she might want to get the guns out of the house?

    I’m just so angry that we’ve allowed this to happen, that we don’t take enough care of each other to see that mental health gets as much attention as physical health. That so many people think that more guns are the solution. That we just don’t care or look at the people around us and see when they’re hurting.

    • I’m glad I had this blog to share my feelings and to express pain and anger. I’m having a hard time — these poor people. I can’t take stuff like this. Even before I had nephews when the kids in the Oklahoma City daycare were killed I was devastated. Now my fear pain and sadness has another dimension.

    • I wrote this shortly after it happened. I might not have cursed so much if I had waited. I was anguished, angry and sad, imagining what those poor parents are experiencing. I still haven’t seen any footage or newspaper reports — for selfish reasons because I can’t take it, but also because I don’t support what I see to be media irresponsibility. Above and beyond all that are the families who need all of us right now. Thanks for reading Stacie. I really appreciate you comment.

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