I love winter nights

Published December 10, 2012 by Sandee


Love love LOVE when people post their random thoughts on Facebook.  How inspiring.

Here are my favorites:

– Gettin’ ready for the big blow out — yeah-eee yeah-eeeeee!

Today iz whoop ass Friday up in here!

And the best — Facebook food cravings:

Some Kentucky Fried be nice right about now.  

Well.  Here’re snippets of thought I thought of posting on Facebook individually, but then I thought better of it, but then thought, fuck it, I’ll just put them all in my blog, like, fuck it.  These are my random thoughts on the days they were thought:

4/19/12 – I want my uterus out.

4/28/12 – I like boogers, to pick them, yes.

6/19/12 – Out of toilet paaaapeeer?!  What’ll I do now?!  Eeeyaaaahh!

6/19/12 – Uh oh.  Shouldn’t have used that in place of toilet paper.

6/19/12 – What does one do for flaming anus?

7/26/12 – I just love the King of Queens.

7/30/12 – Betty White’s a sexy bitch!  Fuck y’all!

8/13/12 – I’m ‘bout to kill a mouse up in here!

8/28/12 – Anybody ever wonder what old people look like when they’re having sex?

9/15/12 – Does anybody else ever wonder what would happen if you shut off your phone and computer and never came outside again how many people would give a shit?

9/15/12 – Do you ever wonder if you’ll die alone?

9/15/12 – Y’all should know that everyone dies alone – after all you weren’t born with anyone else, silly — I mean you came into this world alone.  Even if you died with a bunch of other people you’d still be dying alone, right?  Anyone else ever think of that?  Huh?  Holla back.

9/15/12 – Gee, I really could use a Fluff a Nutter sandwich right about now.

9/15/12 – I hate food.

10/19/12 – I love winter nights.

10/22/12 – I hate pus!

10/23/12 – I love furry slippers on a winter’s morn.  Don’t y’all?

10/24/12 – Pork chops!  Applesauce!  Whassup whassup!

10/24/12 – Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

11/12/12 – I wonder who’ll come to my funeral when I die, I mean, it shouldn’t matter but it kind of does at the same time if you know what I mean.

11/16/12 – Team Bella.

12/9/12 – A&P Weeeeeooooooooooo!  ‘memba that?

So, that’s it people —  I’m very very sorry.  I’m especially sorry for reeling you in with a title that might be perceived as romantic when it was only a part of a stream of crazy.

43 comments on “I love winter nights

  • Yes you had me at the romantic title and then i have fallen off my chair . and am now in Pain ….lololololololololololololol 🙂 my personal fave ………”Team bella ” …..lolol ……
    i am not on fb ……… fluffier nutter ! amazing ……..
    thanks for the falling off the chair thing …………….
    here please have some cake ….:) !!!!!! xx


    • It’s a pleasure to oblige Cat! I’m glad you’re laughing because goodness knows, I laugh when I write it — Oh my God! — that cake is…it’s…it’s — Oh my God — I want it — nooooowwww! — It’s decadent, evil, stupendous, beautiful, fabulous, enchanting! Thank you thank you piled up on top of thank you! xoxo

  • Although I have to admit I haven’t experienced many of your wonderfully sane thoughts, I definitely have never thought, “I hate food.” If only I could think, “I hate sugar.” Then I’d eat healthy 100% of the time rather than my usual 90/10. 🙂

    • We’re in the same boat! Sugar is my drug of choice. I don’t eat sugary snacks every day but I put it in all three cups of coffee I drink, and I do eat honey every day. If I’m not eating sugary snacks I’m waiting for the day when it’s okay to eat them. I actually do think eating regular food is a pain in the butt — you have to balance your diet, buy the food, prepare it, take time out of your schedule to eat it. I’d rather be tube fed and get to eat all the cake and candy I want!

    • I think it’d be wonderful and awful at the same time to be in my head. I’m glad you laughed at the first one because I wondered if it might be too weird and flat. Thanks MFE!

  • You crack me up Sandee! I always think really seriously before actually writing anything on FB because I’m never really inclined to do so except when I’m drunk and or suicidal. People get worried for no good reason. The next day, I’m back to writing naughty stuff in my blog and chatting merrily with my blog friends!


    • I tell you, you’d be in good company writing like this on FB, I’ve seen it all. I’m glad I could crack you up. I even see a little humor in your comment, dark and wry. I just hope you’re on the upswing and feeling naughty and bouncy.

    • I have a friend who’s really happy she had a hysterectomy. I have these dern fibroids. They don’t really bother me, just my vanity. I work out all the time but my stomach protrudes they’re so damn big. I was told they might shrink in menopause but I think they’ve grown. I haven’t had them checked in the last year because I didn’t have insurance. If I get insurance when I go back to work in April, I think I just might schedule the surgery. I’m just afraid of being put to sleep. They say they might be able to do an epidural however. Yeah, I think it’s time…

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