Cut, Paste, Be Fabulous!

Published December 9, 2012 by Sandee

It’s tacky to use photo shopping to help temper my Facebook envy?  Hell naw!  I too, can be fabulous.  Why shouldn’t I go to soirees in San Tropez, Marrakech, Transylvania and the South of France?  I can cut and paste a lover who coos at me as we row down the Seine.  I’ll photo shop dreadlocks on my head, put a cleft in my chin!  Oh you didn’t know I had a cleft? Well, yah I do. 

Oh why I’ll still weep scrolling through Facebook pages of people who’ve actually done these things.  Thank God I don’t drink anymore.  In a fit of self-loathing, I totally see myself ripping the keyboard from the computer and hurling that bottle of Jim Beam against the wall.  And I’d so kick the TV screen in.

But after a certificate of completion from the Acme School of Photo Shopping, I’ll put my skills to the test.  I’ll have the pleasure of knowing that someone looking at my Facebook page really believes that I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with Diana Ross, Cher and Mick Jagger.

21 comments on “Cut, Paste, Be Fabulous!

  • You are already fabulous without the cutting and pasting, although a degree from the Acme school of photo shopping would be a real feather in your cap. Now you just need to go out and buy a cap. Haha!

    • I know right!? — fab enough where Cher, Diana Ross and MJ would even consider going hiking with moi!

      And a feather in my cap indeed the Acme School of Photo shopping would be!

  • I found this site, pink and now I’m fixing myself all over the place. It’s only for faces though, or I would give myself boobs, great hair and surround myself with a wide assortment of lovers!

    Facebook really is the root of all evil, we both know that and we both just have to go there anyway.

    Happy Sunday Sandee!


    • Wouldn’t those photo shopped photos be a gas?! I would go to damn town! Once I get my ‘certificate’ I’ll do a tutorial on my blog and show everyone how to make themselves fabulous…

  • How do you know those other people on FB aren’t Photoshopping too? 😀 I wish I weren’t such a spaz at Photoshop, I just cannot get the hang of it. So I’ll live vicariously through YOUR Photoshopped times, Sandee!

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