No mama, I don’t want to go to hell!

Published December 5, 2012 by Sandee

the devil

Does anyone know if I could have unwittingly made a pact with the devil by singing a snippet of a refrain in a death metal song produced by Satanists?  I just wondered.

Quite a few years back I bought albums by Deicide and Morbid Angel.  A few years later, I was influenced by what people said about vibrations and such, bad ones, so I got superstitious and threw them away.  And silly me I didn’t know they were Satanists.

On my Pandora radio station the few songs they play by Satanists I really like.  Without me knowing who the artists are at first — if I hear the song from another room, I’m thinking wow that song’s tight!  And it turns out to be devil worshippers.  I guess that’s the way the devil works — his shit is always tight.  For those who don’t know, he’s all about appearances and the corporeal.

I’m not a devil worshipper.  I happen to have an unconventional relationship with God–it’s personal.  I’m an observer of life and all its elements.  I like to face them.  When I was nine I wrote a story examining the mystery of death and God and Satan.  This is just me.

They had this monk in Italy who sang metal.  He was old as shit too.  Reminded me of me.

So I don’t like the devil.  I just hoped I didn’t make an unwitting pact because I sang to this Deicide song that has a very infectious chorus.  I’ll bet most people would have a hard time not singing this one.  The chorus sounds like little demons waving their hands to and fro in the air while singing.  It’s so cute.  I used to do my leg lifts to it before I threw it out.  But it comes on my Pandora from time to time.  I still sing the chorus though.  I guess I realize in the back of my mind that if I had made a pact with the devil, my life would be a hell of a lot better than this.  Doesn’t the devil give you everything you want?  Hahaha!

36 comments on “No mama, I don’t want to go to hell!

  • I think you probably didn’t make a pact with the devil. 😉 And nah, the devil gives you what you think you want then takes it all away and makes things so much worse. I think. I have a complicated relationship with religion and my higher being.

  • well back when I was out sinning every night, I loved to dance to “Highway to Hell” like crazy! I know all ofthe words too lol. God still loves me, so I would say that your head is not going to start spinning around any time soon lol

  • Let’s not forget this little gem, from the Charlie Daniels Band…

    The devil went down to Georgia he was looking for a soul to steal
    He was in a bind, cause he was way behind, he was willing to make a deal.
    When he came across a young man sawing on a fiddle and playing it hot,
    And the devil jumped up on a hickory stump and said,”Boy let me tell ya what.”
    “I guess you didn’t know it, but I’m a fiddle player, too, and if you care to take a dare, I’ll make bet with you. Now you play a pretty good fiddle boy but give the devil his due. I bet a fiddle of gold against your soul, cause I think I’m better than you.”

    Remember this song? Forgive me for typing out a bunch of lyrics, I couldn’t help myself.
    Here’s the thing… The devil’s song is way cooler but in the end Johnny wins. Lily feels that maybe it’s because the devil didn’t include lyrics so he got points off? LOL!!
    If you’ve never heard this song, go ahead and listen. I think you’ll agree that the devil should win.

    Basically, the point of my lengthy comment is just to confirm that the devil is a great musician, if nothing else. 🙂

    • Ahahahaha! Thank you Grippy! I do indeed remember this song! Now I’m going to youtube it. Now I want to make my own judgement… I believe this is the one that says ‘The devil’s in the house of the rising sun…’ Ah yes.

      I love your conclusion — this would explain why when I really really love a song it turns out to be by the devil’s minions!

      Heheheheeeee! Love it!

    • I wanted to post a video of him — they call him ‘Metal Monk’ but I couldn’t find good ones. I wanted the one where he’s doing the death metal growl. I could only find ones where he’s singing regular metal. He retired though because he said being in a band and getting some celebrity started to affect his ego. But like you say about Jesus rocking out — this monk said in an interview that the intensity of the genre was conducive to conveying passion about God — I thought that was so cool!

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