Buck Wild

Published December 3, 2012 by Sandee


I get buck wild, telling you the things that one should not tell.  The things I blab about people find embarrassing, disgraceful even – or just maybe they’re simply discreet and self-respecting.  Hey, I’m just an open person.  It isn’t about showing off or about me thinking I’m unique because my experiences aren’t unusual.  I’m just stupid enough to run my mouth in public – all I ask is that you respect that.  People may think that I have no shame.

Oh but yes I do.  There are few things that even I wouldn’t open up my big fat mouth for — now, now – that isn’t nice.  These things are very few.  Since I tell you in my blog what’s going on with me, and now I can’t, I have to speak around this issue as it’s therapeutic – ha – for me, and hopefully it inspires a twinge of mystery — ha ha ha!

Just wish me luck on my journey into hell.  Thank you.

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40 comments on “Buck Wild

  • Yep, I’ve got that same problem of being open and honest. Gets me into trouble sometimes but I’d rather live that way than any other. And good luck on your mystery journey to hell or purgatory. Sending you good vibes!

    • Things are slightly better but — I tell you the irony of not wanting to look into the future is that I’m able to enjoy the moment better. Thanks for asking — I appreciate it!

    • Yeah, I know I probably shouldn’t have said anything at all but I guess I did for me, you know, to get it off my chest in a way by hinting at it. One day maybe this is something I wouldn’t be so closed mouth about but for now, I just hint in a lame post 🙂

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