Bunny Lake is Missing

Published November 30, 2012 by Sandee

I have to watch Bunny Lake is Missing again.  I’m not getting something.

You’re having an incestuous relationship with your brother with whom you live.  Your kid goes missing.  This brother never liked that she existed because she comes between the two of you.  Some guy got you pregnant and you never married him — in the 1960s (movie version).  Scandal!

Anyway, how did you not know that your brother was an insane psychopath all these years when you finally discover that he kidnapped your kid and hid her in the trunk of the car?  Did he have a nervous break-down after working as a journalist?  How does someone so insane hold down a job like this?  Oh wait.  That’s a stupid question isn’t it?

15 comments on “Bunny Lake is Missing

    • I told my sister — all the progressive and cutting edge movies happened in the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. I feel like creativity may be lost now to the rush to produce and to emphasis on technology. It seems that studios go in the trunk and pull out old stuff to rehash. I think even this movie may be in the process of being re- made — Otto Preminger produced and directed this in ’65, but I think it was adapted from a book. It’s an interesting contrast to Carol and Mike Brady.

  • Sounds very interesting, Sandee. I’ll have to look it up. The storytelling in the older movies can be so much better than today’s movies. I think now it’s about the quick high tech thrill. Characters are secondary. Thanks for sharing.

  • I know I’ve seen at least part of this one. (I’ve seen at least part of a lot of good movies.) You make me want to go back and watch for all the clues. I just started rewatching Twin Peaks last night, looking for how the weirdness was built.

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