Published November 28, 2012 by Sandee

Once in a blue moon I buy a lottery ticket, then I do what comes naturally — what ad agencies know about our mental make-up — I fantasize.  This is how the ad campaign “All you need is a dollar and a dream” came to be.

A friend mentioned the power ball to me, otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed.  I thought Gee whiz, I’ll be out of a job next week and I need dental work.  I might be chosen to win this time.  Plus, I’m humble – hehehe – if I win, I thought, I’d stay in this very same apartment, but I could pay to get my sofa fixed, that’s all — oh and of course I would give money away.  That’s why I deserve to win it.  So I bought a ticket.  I asked Sol, who owns the candy store, how it all works, when to check for numbers, etc.

George Orwell satirized the sad nature of excessive lottery ticket buying.  Thank goodness I don’t have this habit.  But whenever I do buy a ticket I feel like a big fat sucker, and I got suckered tonight.

39 comments on “Sucker!

  • I periodically will buy a ticket too. I think of it as cheap entertainment, I get to daydream about what I would do if I won. I can take days or more to check my ticket just to keep the dreaming going. Sometimes I am disappointed if no one wins and the jackpot goes up because then it means I didn’t win.

  • I feel like we’re actually paying for the dream or fantasy when we buy a ticket. that’s all you get, just that moment of ” what if…?”
    Hey, I guess we’re all suckers – you’re in good company.

  • I have never bought a lottery ticket except a couple of scratch offs. But when my grandma was alive I used to buy them for her. She said that if I bought a winning ticket she would share the winnings and give me half lol. She never won anything when I bought them. Everytime she would lose, she would blame the Lottery for taking old peoples money lol

  • Was Thinking of You yesterday –
    after i was done in the studio – and i know Metallica – is Not death Metal – but that’s probably as close as i get to death metal 🙂 lol
    I was totally rocking out and thinking SANDEEEEEEEEEEEEEE would be proud 🙂 lololololololo 🙂
    Hugggs xo

  • Sweet! I must tell you Metallica was one of the portal groups that eventually lead me to the extreme metal genre! I’m so glad you thought of me Cat! I hope you rocked it hard! \m/

    Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever outgrow it, being 50 and whatnot — bwahaha! But I put some on this morning — speaking of St. Anger — because I was feeling a bit — let’s just say — left out — and a little angry — and it hit the spot!

    Thanks Cat!

    See ya latah!

  • You are not alone! It seems if you really need to win, you just don’t, right? I would love it if you could win. One or two lottery tickets is fun. If you start spending half your paycheck on it, then you know, it’s a problem. It’s fun to take a chance.

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