Hey there honey…

Published November 24, 2012 by Sandee

On Thanksgiving I saw my grandma at the Hebrew Home for the Aged at Riverdale.  It was lunchtime.  She sat with her assigned table mates, Bobby and Matt.  Bobby calls everybody honey.  He uses the word like people use salt:  “Hey there honey!  Haven’t seen you in a while honey!  Happy Thanksgiving there honey,” he says.

Matt’s a small man who speaks softly.  He was asleep in his chair wearing his white disposable bib when I came.  When I sat down, he woke up.

“Ohhh!  Good to see you!  You look great!”  He said.

“Yeah, you look great there honey,” says Bobby.

Bobby told us that the cook there is Italian.  “Yeah, they make the spaghetti here downstairs honey.  They make it there.  The cook’s Italian.  They make it good there honey.”

Today the attendants served the seniors turkey dinner.  But Bobby always talks about  spaghetti.

I’ve chatted with Bobby and Matt before.  I found out that Bobby used to be an undertaker’s assistant.  He worked for his uncle and says he never got paid.  “No he didn’t pay me honey, no.”

Behind us at another table was the woman who takes her shoes off and puts her feet up on the table.  Today she had taken her shirt off, so she sat there topless, no bra.  Her feet were on the table as usual.

“Hey honey put some clothes on there honey!”  Bobby said.

“Oh that woman’s crazy,” grandma said, making a shooing motion.

“Leave her alone,” said Matt, looking back again.  Then Matt told me, “I wonder if I went over there and told her to stand on the table if she’d do a dance for me.”

“Ahahahaha!  You mean like a stripper?” I said.  Matt cracks me up with these bits.  Matt laughed too.  The old woman, she didn’t look bad.

31 comments on “Hey there honey…

    • It does get wild, though it is a reputable place. My g’ma’s on the floor with dementia cases. They misdiagnosed her then a couple of years ago said turns out she doesn’t have dementia, she’s just a bit senile. They thought they’d move her to the normal floor, but she didn’t want to move. My cousin says it’s because it’s better to reign in heaven than to serve in hell — she feels like the smartest person on that floor — ahahahaa!

    • I sat there the whole time and smiled — oldsters say the darndest things! But really, I’m just so grateful that my grandma, who’s ninety, is at peace and not suffering or in pain.

  • Such a slice of elderly home life! I may be a little crazy too, because I love hanging out with that set. I used to work with the elderly and I enjoyed every minute of it. They crack me up and change my perceptive in the best way. Like the woman taking off her shirt, nothing really matters and no one cares. Good times with grandma.

    • Well that makes two of us who may be a bit crazy because I enjoy hanging out with them too. We all enjoy each others company. Like I mentioned to MFE above, in five years I’ll be eligible to move in there!

  • Dear Sandee,
    AHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m laughing so BIG right now!!! I can see the whole thing in my mind like a movie.
    Best Story EVER.
    “…the old woman. She didn’t look bad.”…..AHAHAHAHHAHAA!!!!!
    Love, Lis

  • It’s stories like this that help explain why I love, love the elderly.. They are at a point in their life when they think. “the hell with rules, i’ll say what I want”

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