Published November 22, 2012 by Sandee


Today I thought I’d eat a turkey, cranberry, and stuffing sandwich and watch Thankskilling on Netflix.  Not only do I love Eva Halloween for keeping Halloween alive all year, I also love her for introducing me to this movie.  Even if I don’t like it – I love the idea of watching it on Thanksgiving.  This doesn’t mean I’m not grateful for stuff.

But I might get to hang out with my dear friend and her mom instead.  I’m grateful for that.  She came to the rescue five years ago on X-mas when I had nothing going on.  While not a fan of Thanksgiving and X-mas, I do usually visit relatives.

Five years ago on X-mas I went to this friend’s house and had the X-mas of the century.  It involved Bloody Marys.  Stupid me topped those off with antihistamine because of my allergy to the dog and had to be ‘walked’ home.  At least I remembered it all – oh wait – no I didn’t.  “Did you like the gift that I bought for you?”  I asked the next day.  “I opened it in front of you.  Don’t you remember?”  She said.

For the next fifty years, with a little help from my friends, I’m going to piece together all of the events, incidents, and ‘interludes’ that alcohol viciously purloined from me.


22 comments on “Purloined

  • Happy Thanksgiving no matter what. The other 3 members of my family have said, over the last 2 days, that they don’t like Thanksgiving. These holidays put pressure on us all.

    I guess it is slowly dawning on me, through your writing here and in your book, that you are sober. I am not sure it’s okay to write about it, so feel free to delete (though I hate when people delete my amazing words!).

    You must know that I can’t keep up always with your blog though I want to and I love your writing. So I must miss things. I’m sort of slow, too.

    Anyway, I’m sober, 25 years. 25 years the day after Thanksgiving.

    Have a good day no matter what you do. Take lotsa showers.

    • Hehehehe!

      25 years, wowwww! I haven’t had a drink in five years, but I’ve been sober off and on since ’85. We have some things in common now don’t we!?

      I hope you’re enjoying your day! Thank you for stopping by. Keeping up with blogs is a task especially you guys with kids and spouses. It’s just me here and I don’t have a high pressure job so I can manage. But I imagine it won’t always be this way for me either.

      See you later…

  • I should probably look up “purloin” just to be absolutely sure that I know what it means…but I think I’m not gonna! I loathe the holiday season personally. The more you drink your way through it all, the less you have to compare it to next year!

    I have a sad feeling that out of 44 years, I may have completely blacked out 2 or 3. C’est la vie, Sandee! Hopefully I didn’t miss anything really important.

    Big Turkey/Stuffing/Cranberry Kiss,

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