So alone, so lone-lyyyyyyyyy…

Published November 8, 2012 by Sandee

He’s not Blacula, but he’s black and he’s a vampire

Blacula is so alone, so lonely.  He doesn’t have friends of equal status who drink blood and kill people, only minions.  I don’t have minions and I don’t drink blood – well once – but I don’t kill people because it’s against the law – I mean because it’s wrong.  Poor Blacula – Dracula gave him this uninspired name — he wants this voodoo priestess to turn him back into a human.  But she won’t because he killed people in front of her.  So she drives a stake into his voodoo doll likeness, stopping him.  He holds one arm in the air and clutches his chest.  A song called Torment comes on and the credits roll.  The music sounds like a television score from the early seventies — weird for this type of movie.  I love that Blacula’s face is frozen on the screen while the song plays.  Graphics turn Blacula’s tormented, screaming face red and his vampire teeth show.  I like the way the singer says freeeeee-dooooom, freeeeeeeeeedoooooooom….

The Torment song was my theme for the day.  We’re tormented for different reasons but today I was Blacula, so alone, so tooor-mented.

Mama why am I different?  Dr. Frankenstein, why did you make me to suffer like a dog in Germany?

Some of you know I wouldn’t be on Facebook if not for Mean-Spirited Tales.  While Facebook is a great distraction when you need it, all the common opinions about the election made me feel isolated.  So today I rolled the film of my life to the tune of Blacula’s lonely lament.  I didn’t get enough sleep last night so I had no resistance against the lament.  It was an absurd lament.

32 comments on “So alone, so lone-lyyyyyyyyy…

  • Sandee– facebook used to be so much fun. but now I cannot even look at my newsfeed. I hate all the opinions that are inflicted on me by people that I generally like. I wish they would stop using it as a platform for that kind of stuff. I only want to cyber stalk my kids for goodness sakes.
    You are not alone my friend 🙂

  • I reactivated my facebook feed yesterday for about 5 minutes. I couldn’t wait to get back off. You’re not alone. Two drunk guys made me high five them on election night when I was on my way somewhere. I didn’t have the heart to tell them there was nothing to be high fiving about. Sigh.

  • I know I’ve been absent for a few weeks because life has been a bit difficult, but I have really missed reading your stories. They do make me smile, probably even when they aren’t supposed to 🙂 xox

  • Have you ever seen the Gnarls Barkley video for “Who Cares”? It’s a pretty cool adaptation of Blacula. I’m with you on the Facebook thing. Nowadays, the majority of the people I interact with on there are other bloggers who I haven’t even met face-to-face. Everyone else is cray.

    • I’ll definitely have to youtube that Gnarls Barkley video.

      Oy! Facebook is everything I feared it’d be and worse. I just joined last February. But I do rather get into it when I’m wasting time.

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