Published November 3, 2012 by Sandee

I miss Kathy’s posts. If I were a mom, I’d hope to be edgy like her. Her baby is really cute and he reviewed my book. I wonder if he takes bribes. Maybe a new squishy toy? I’d do anything for a higher rating. But Sausage has too much integrity to be bought off. Oh well…

Don't Forget to Feed the Baby

Every book is a children’s book if the kid can read! ~ Mitch Hedberg

I don’t have time to post today. Today I got a new book in the mail, which I’m very excited to read. Sausage has absconded with it, though, and he says I have to wait until he’s done with it before I can have it. He has to make sure that it’s appropriate, you know.

So here’s Sausage’s first book review. Let’s see what he thinks.

Sausage gives “Mean-Spirited Tales” by Sandee Harris a B-. It rebounded from its lack of pigs by having a pretty cover and generally being delicious. He recommends it only if you don’t much care for pigs (in which case he pities you) or if you can read words.

*Mommy’s Note: Sausage is a notoriously tough audience and can be quite unforgiving. Once I can pry the book out of his…

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