Sweet Corn!

Published November 1, 2012 by Sandee

They said to buy canned goods for the hurricane.  The only canned food I buy is Goya Black Bean soup to put in my quinoa.  I bought a bunch of canned foods for 9/11, and for a couple of other hurricane scares.  The cans got bloated after while so I threw them out.  I usually just eat quinoa everyday because I’m like that.  I eat it with steamed vegetables.  It makes life less complicated to eat the same thing everyday.  I can think clearer.

For this hurricane I didn’t go crazy.  I bought two cans of soup, two cans of sardines, a can of sweet corn, a box of matches, a gallon of water, a Jesus candle and the regular groceries I usually buy.  I stood in the canned vegetables aisle and zoomed right in on the sweet corn.  Arthur from The King of Queens yelled “Sweet corn” once because he was amazed at something.

I forget that I like corn.  I had corn on the cob from the food co-op summer before last.  It was delicious.  We used to eat canned corn when I was a kid.  My mother put butter on it.  My grandmother made corn pudding.  Mmm mmm!  I put the corn in my quinoa yesterday.  Isn’t corn good roughage? – I don’t know.  But corn isn’t in my regular diet.  One of those misguided fanatics told me once in addition to the perils of eating ‘swine’ that I shouldn’t eat corn or lima beans because they’re fake food.  What?!!!  Maize is fake food??!

Speaking of fake food — while in the canned food aisle I looked at the Spam.  Hell no – I will not eat Spam.  It’s good though.  But every once in a while I will buy some really crappy shit like Fluff, or deviled ham – I mean like maybe once every six years – for nostalgia’s sake.  When I was a kid, we ate that shit sometimes.  But my family grew into consciousness about shitty food in the mid-seventies.  The Entenmann’s section had only three cakes left in it today – they cleaned that out before the hurricane.

39 comments on “Sweet Corn!

  • Ah corn.. The only thing I like about corn is putting the kernels on my teeth to make “gold” teeth (a trick I used with my kids to get them to eat what I wouldn’t). I forgot about Underwood devil ham.. now I want some 🙂
    Glad to see you came through the storm okay!

    • Ahahaha — ‘gold teeth’! Underwood deviled ham — yeah! — that’s what I bought. Salty as heck!

      Thanks Lynne — my building actually shook and lights flickered but I survived ok. There are trees down all over. Glad I got lost in the woods the other day — though scared to death at least I got to see the woods intact before the devastation.

  • The good thing about canned corn is that it’s edible straight-up if the power goes out. As long as you have a crank and turn opener you’re good to go. Put a little hot sauce on the side and you’ve created something eaten as a delicacy in the South.

    Glad you’re safe, SCB.

    • Thanks GG! Yeah, I’m fortunate that I had no damage here. The governor talked about preparing for storms that usually occur every ten years to happen every couple of years now. Maybe I need to stock up on more canned corn. I’ll buy hot sauce to put on it too.

  • Auntie Sandee,
    I am happy to hear you made it through the [wilderness] hurricane… although, Sandy wouldn’t fuck with Sandee.

    As for canned goods… Le Clown knows them well. I do have a few farts in a can, and cans of worms…. But we won’t talk about the latter…
    Le Clown

  • I was giggling over Spam-thoughts even before you mentioned it… Last time Hawai’i had a hurricane warning, our family members there were outraged by the supermarket limiting Spam purchase to one CASE per household. Never mind the hurricane–in a state where Spam is on the McDonald’s menu, the REAL emergency was limited Spam! 😉

    • I heard about Spam’s popularity in Hawaii. Wow — that would be a state of emergency huh, to run of it in that region DURING a hurricane?!

      I actually like Spam — it’s just that I’m a wee bit scared of it. I like fried Spam. Now that you mention it Kana — maybe I’ll buy some.

  • I love corn on the cob. Sadly, once we entered the world of offspring orthodontia, I haven’t been able to make it much. Who wants to spend time cutting off the corn pieces so a kid with braces can eat it? I’m a good mom but not that good. 😉

  • My Nana used to can the corn she grew – how we loved it! Plus she’d make something that was called Cope’s – it came in a box and it was dried but she made a kind of savoury pudding out of it. Thanks for reminding me.

  • when I am having a really crappy week– I make myself a peanut butter and fluff sandwhich on fresh fake white bread. Nothing says happiness like a fluff a nutter!
    I grew up on Spam.. grossest food ever. Even worse if your mom dresses it in pineapple..
    Glad you are well Sandee.

  • I don’t even know what Spam is. But I love corn. Fresh is best, but canned and frozen are good, too. They’re great for recipes. And tell whoever told you corn is “fake” they’re full of doo-doo. Which they probably are, because corn has lots of fiber. And nutrients. And flavor.

    I just glanced up and saw the comment about Tang. I loved it as a kid, but can’t even look at it now. I did buy a giant container of it at Costco for my dad, though. He still loves it, and never fails to remind me that the astronauts used to drink Tang in space.

  • Hope you’re high and dry (but in a totally good way). It sounds like you keep a level head, which has got to help. I’m with the fanatics (although for different reasons I imagine), but I also refuse to eat the flesh of the unclean swine.

    • Thanks Smak! We’re really fortunate in our building. But I just walked through a neighborhood three miles up that was pretty devastated — power lines and trees down — every other house has to use a generator because there’s no electricity.

      Yeah that’s right huh? — Pigs are supposed to be filthy. I forgot about that. They just taste so good!

  • Sweet corn is nice (I mean, it’s an acquired taste, I didn’t like it the first time I had it) but I really miss Colombian corn. Which is not sweet at all. It’s salty and yummy and it tastes great with sprinkled parmesan cheese.

    I don’t understand why everything in North America is sweet. Sweet peas, sweet corn. None of our vegetables are sweet. Well, carrots, maybe but that’s about it. And avocado is not a sweet thing either. We don’t make smoothies or ice cream with it. We fill it out with shrimp and rose sauce or we eat it with rice and meat.

    • Never had corn! Wow! It’s great to add to soups — and as I mentioned, I put it in my quinoa. It’s great with butter — but not too much 🙂

      I hope you were okay during the whole thing — I forget you live in the city as well huh… Well, thank goodness we’re okay.

    • I wondered if I had read that right! Hey Shauna — I left you a comment about that film that you posted in my comments section on the post about the homeless couple. I had been meaning to comment about that film for a loooooooooooooong time. I thank you for posting…

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