Published October 13, 2012 by Sandee

Hey what’s she doing under there?

The Electric Company video I originally wanted to show isn’t available, so the next option was playing this other video from the program.  Rita Moreno’s in it with Morgan Freeman. Here Rita Moreno does one of her looney bin performances that I love.  They’d have made a nice couple.  Morgan Freeman wasn’t Morgan Freeman yet in this.

This show’s older than this artist I talked to today.  I have clothes older than this artist. I think I could develop a crush on him but he’s young enough to be my son, which leads me to tell you of my first plan.

The Electric Company had a Punctuation Song.  In high school I made up lyrics to that melody about masturbation.  I was going to post my lyrics under a video of the Punctuation Song, but couldn’t find it and found the Rita Moreno one instead.  Also I realized that the lyrics to my masturbation song might be too nasty, slutty, hoey, skanky.  Btw I love the relationship that I’m having with myself lately. Yeah, this guy took me there — a little — he had more elements of an intellectual but see that turns me on.  I suppose that’s how I wound up thinking of the masturbation song.

Here’s this other video that’s cute as hell.  MF’s all wiry and RM’s such a pistol:

37 comments on “Punctuation!

  • Yeah, masturbation lyrics to the Electric Company’s Punctuation Song is probably not the quickest path to Freshly Pressed Lane…

    (But I had no idea Morgan Freeman was on The Electric Company. Used to watch that show all the time.)

  • I loved Electric Company. That was my intro to MF as well. God, he was so young in this clip.

    With the song building toward the end Rita looked (and sounded) as if she was coming to O as she hit the high ice cream note. Even MF seemed impressed before running off for soap flakes. Just like a man, huh?

    So I guess if you can’t get masturbation and punctuation together, you can get a little orgasm with your ice cream choices. Not a bad option at all. 🙂

  • You know when you are sitting at your pc pretending to homework– this is not the post to read. I could not contain my laughing very well. you are flipping funny woman and now I am curious about your lyrics….
    ahh there are many of us that will never be FP’d but my trees get TP’d that has to count for something?

    • Wow — I never met anyone who actually had their trees TP’d — I’ve only seen it on television and read about it in books.

      Yeah, ah, those lyrics — I’m kind of shy about posting them. But if there’s much of a demand — maybe I will…

        • While I’m generally energetic when it comes to most things, I’m too lazy to pay attention to Word Press guidelines when it comes to adult content — I didn’t want to get shut down. I’ll look into it — maybe if I rate my blog R or whatever that system they have is for adult content… It would be cool because then I could have something to post for today! After all this you might even think the lyrics are tame…

    • Hehehe — I think ‘punctuation’ might be my euphemism for loving myself.

      Yeah this guy is muy cool. I couldn’t have handled someone like this if I was his age. He’s rather worldly. Ah well. I’ll just stick with punctuation 😦

    • I’m glad you appreciate the clip. I also think Rita had immense talent — only a couple of days ago I posted her doing the mambo in WSS!

      That’s funny MF does look like a baby. They were muy cute in this. Rita also did the opening line of Electric Company — “Hey You Guys!” — what a firecracker.

    • Hi SSG!

      I love Rita Moreno. I watched this show all the time as a kid and she was the main attraction with her looney humor. And she could sing and dance — she was in West Side Story back in ’62. She’s a very talented cutie patootie!

      • Oh. Or course. D’oh. Loved her in West Side Story. I did think the name was familiar…

        Now I will have to spend some time on youtube digging those videos out

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