Bad Ass

Published October 10, 2012 by Sandee

My last post sparked conversation with fellow NYC blogger Lame Adventures who mentioned wanting to live in NYC after falling in love with the movie West Side Story as a child.   Coincidence!  I just thought about wanting to post that dance at the gym scene last year after having to rent the movie when missing the screenings in the city for the 50th anniversary.  I couldn’t find a decent clip though.

I like the beginning dance scene where Maria spins around in her white dress and transports magically to the gym where the whites and Puerto Ricans are dancing.   This dancing is bad ass.  I love Leonard Bernstein’s orchestration because it captures the feel of sexy adolescence.

Yes, I remember sexy adolescence.  What perky bunnies we were.  We had parties all the time when I was growing up in the city and sometimes boys from rival groups would intrude on the neighborhood turf and there’d be a ruckus — good times, good times…  Overall, the kids I grew up with were good kids from good families.  You know, shit just happens sometimes living in the city.

In this scene, that blonde girl kicks ass dancing — in fact it looks like she could kick some serious ass ass.  I just think the whole damn thing is sexy.  I like the way her friends check her out and stop dancing to watch her dance, and when they all slow down and dance close together, yeah.

I could only find a 10 minute video which is long — so just drag over to the 1:57 minute point and you’ll see what I’m saying:

41 comments on “Bad Ass

  • This is badass AND sexy. The beginning of dirty dancing. I just love the women with those dresses and everybody spinning around and snapping their fingers and all of it. Way cool and makes me long for the days when I did some badass dancing myself. :).

  • As much as I love music, I’ve never been a fan of musicals. The only ones that didn’t put me to sleep were Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Billy Elliot, and The Lion King. Oh, and I love Stomp, but that probably doesn’t count. 🙂

    Will you still let me onto your site after this admission?

  • I’m a dance lover. I could watch people dance all day. I took dance for many years. In fact, here’s a little factoid for you… Vanessa Williams was in my dance classes. She went to my high school and was my friend. That’s right, I’m just a name dropper. Now that I’m 50, like you said earlier, I’m gonna say whatever I damn well please! Haha!
    I digress. West Side Story is sexy and the music is cool. I’d love to see it on the big screen. Great post, Sandee. Sorry for my sidebar. Tee hee.

  • Get out! You knew VW?! Wowwww… I’ve always felt an affinity for her because she’s my age. I remember that scandal back when — and those pictures…poor thing.

    I’m so pissed at myself for missing the screening because I’m in that area all the time where the movie was showing.

    I’ll bet you have some mean dance moves too! You don’t lose that.

  • Fun post! I watched the entire clip. You found one with such excellent quality! As I mentioned earlier, WSS was the first film my parents ever took me to see — and I was wearing my brand new red PF Flyers. After the screening, I was so high, I became a dancing fool myself — and threw out my 3-year-old neck. Consider that one of my early Lame Adventures. Thanks for the shout out!

  • I actually have never seen this musical. I have no idea how I’ve made it this far in life without seeing it (even the bf has!) but I really should fix that soon so I can better relate to the sexy adolescence phase in this movie… Cause the lord knows I bloomed WAY late :p

    • It’s tragic but really good and entertaining. In some ways it pushed the envelope I think — one character has a brother who’s a transvestite and a mother who’s a junkie. I think it’s important in the annals of American theatre — the original was on Broadway.

  • Oh I like this video and the girls are my alter egos.. I was a scraggly, shy kid and to pop out in some cool dance moves would have taken an act of God.. I think a bit of bad ass lives in us all!

  • Glad to have you back blogging, Sandee. It seems like I saw WSS a million times as a kid, but I now realize that was just on the 4 o’clock movie. They probably showed it over 3 days, it’s so effing long. I tried to watch it with my kids a few years back and I was shocked at how long the opening sequence was. This is why I think I never saw it unedited. They must have hacked away at it for the 4 o’clock movie.

    I didn’t even remember the dance scene you posted. In my mind, it’s a strong memory, so iconic.
    I actually just started tearing up at the very last few seconds when everyone around Tony and Maria go fuzzy. What a sap!
    Thanks for the great posts since you got back! twinkly

  • I have a limited tolerance for musicals, which is funny considering how much I love music. But I love West Side Story. (And your post just inspired a song for today’s post.) I also really like Fame, because at least they had an excuse to be bursting into song and dance every 10 minutes.

    • I just think the characters are so cool in this movie — kind of hip. Fame I liked too but I think since I hated the eighties I’m not always eager to watch it. Thinking of that period makes my stomach clench up. I do love that Sing the Body Electric song they sing based on that Walt Whitman poem — it was a perfect choice to represent life.

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