Baaad Bunny

Published September 14, 2012 by Sandee

My hateful bunny post the other day was so evil – I had to get on the other side of it.  Carrie also reminded me of needing a balance.  To be whole, one needs balance.  So I thought, Now I’ll write about love.  But what I really want is to write porno.  I haven’t watched porno in ages but I know I could make up something really good.  I’ve never written anything like this before, so it would be an adventure.

I’m just sharing my process, what’s in my head.  Unfortunately I wouldn’t put any porno on my blog.  I don’t have the balls for that.  I know you’re disappointed.  But when I finish writing it, just look for books published under one of these names:  Aysia Marie, Misty Kelly, Harlem Cherry, Angel Black, Shameeka Blue, Tailor Lee Tyler, and Velveeta von Sapen Heusen.  I’m going to be using these pseudonyms.

Have a great weekend and drink responsibly!

45 comments on “Baaad Bunny

  • Talk about a blogger’s dream. Not only did I get a mention on Auntie Sandee’s blog, I got it in a post that talks about porn and introduces names like Harlem Cherry and Velveeta von Sapen Heusen. I totally feel like one of the cool kids now. Like, totally.

    Thanks Sandee! For the mention and for making me laugh. 🙂

  • Lately I’ve been meandering around the Blogging World and have came to realize that people who have never once used the tag, “sex” have like 1,000 followers. I’m now thinking I may try writing about other, less invasive kinds of things….

    then again, probably not!

    Happy Weekend!

    • There was a girl, a bi-racial girl no less, who went to my school who had that same last name — the first name was similar to that insane first one I used to protect the innocent. I have always always loved that crazy name so I found an opportunity to finally use it!

  • lol by the time I saw any porno, I had already done all of those things. I was disappointed because I thought I knew some special stuff, but nope, there all my tricks were right on the screen! You have a great weekend too Sandee!

    • I’ve been dying to use that von Sapen Heusen name. A girl I went to high school with had that last name and a first name similar to Velveeta — but of course I didn’t want to use her name. She was as interesting as her name. I did laugh making these names up. I could’ve gone on and on but had to stop somewhere — Velveeta was a good place to stop.

      I hope your summer cold is gone or hope at least that you’re feeling better Brigitte.

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