I don’t want to hurt you, I just want to kill you

Published September 12, 2012 by Sandee

I wrote this inspired by the Cannibal Corpse phrase above:

You violated.  And you’ll know how big a mistake you made when I’m done.  You’ll be a bleating peasant, on your knees.  I’ll rip the meat from your arms with my teeth and pull out your hair strand by strand.  I’ll tie you with wire, smash your toes with a mallet and have rats nestle with you in a tub filled with bloody piss.  I’ll pull out all of your teeth and dangle you from the 50th floor.  You’ll be fired from your job because your boss will believe every lie that I tell him about you.  I think of killing you in ways where you’ll live for a week before you die. You’ll want death.  But I won’t do it – you’ll die on your own from the torture.  I’ll cry with you then snatch my hand away and laugh at the snot on your face.  In that dimming light you will regret.

46 comments on “I don’t want to hurt you, I just want to kill you

  • Interesting lol sounds like my way of thinking when someone really pisses me off lol. I don’t like the pic of the rabbit with it though. I had a rabbit die of heat stroke once and she screamed like a woman in her last gasps for air. I can still hear it. But I like the anger, my kinda anger for sure!

    • ~with hand over mouth~ Gasp! I’m glad that you do but at the same time I’m surprised — haha! At least I’m not the only one who finds these little expressions every now and again somewhat satisfying. Now if each and every one of my posts was like this, well, then…

      • I actually think that it’s therapeutic. I’ve had clients who’ve been molested, abused, etc. And sometimes visualizing yourself beating up the offender is a way of taking your power back. So see, it’s actually really good even though it looks evil. Just another perspective.

      • Thank God this has never happened to me but coincidently I did think about perhaps someone who has wrath for an abuser using this kind of expression as an outlet.

        For me, I was just really really tired, maybe still smarting about that old lady and this other woman at work who pissed me off — and also fretting over not getting what I want (wah, wah wah!) — I wrote this out of frustration. It was cathartic.

        But I thought, as irritated and mad as these people made me, from where I was standing, I didn’t want to do any of those things to them.

        • I get what you’re saying completely. It’s not like you’d ever do those things, of course not, but it’s like a needed release. The can of soda eventually explodes when it gets all shook up. It’s a way of taking your power back. The jogging you do is another good release. My husband writes and he calls it “rage on the page.” It’s very therapeutic, trust me.

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