The shit I forgot

Published September 8, 2012 by Sandee

Did you know about the earthquake in San Francisco?  1989.  I didn’t. Pork Chop told me. I was in California that year, in Los Angeles.  I wasn’t drunk.

But I had to have known at some point.  I just had to let this pass as one of those things…until I reread one of my short stories.  “Why, who’s this Ann?  Never heard of her before.  ‘Ann’?  I don’t know any ‘Ann’.  Oooh — aheheheee!  Guess I kinda forgot I named my character Ann!”

Then there was yesterday when I saw a friend who’s my age on Face Book.  “She’s hot for 49!  I ah, I’m 49, too?  Right?  Am I?  I was 48.  Can’t, remember – wait – shit. 2012, subtract 1962 carry the one – good Lord I am 49!”  I’ll be fucking fifty in November.  I will be 50.  Well.  Memory loss can be useful at times.

Not to worry.  I don’t believe I have dementia, only lack of sleep and some intense preoccupation.  Don’t be putting Auntie Sandee Sword-Chinned Bitch out to pasture yet for goodness sake!

42 comments on “The shit I forgot

  • laughing, laughing, laughing! I hit a birthday last week and had to pause to do the math when I was asked which one… As you say, memory loss can be great! (OR… It says that we’re young enough at heart not to give a fart what number we’re on!)

  • I’m exactly the same way. No memory whatsoever. Mine is bad, though. I can’t even remember what I was doing yesterday. It’s all a big blur.
    1962. We are tigers in the Chinese horoscope. That just means we are the most awesome. See if you can remember that!

  • Ever go into another room for some reason and forget why you got up? Yeah, I’ve been doing that my entire life. I have the memory of an elephant–for useless music and TV trivia. Anything else? Gone in 5 minutes.

    And just for the record, building a double-decker freeway in an earthquake zone is like saying “Lord, smite me now!” (Not to trivialize any of the horrific loss of life that occurred when that thing collapsed, but really, they had to know that was a bad idea. Oh look, another thing I remember easily: earthquake damage stories.)

    • I’m so glad you do remember ‘useless’ music trivia — you write great music pieces that I look forward to reading. So I guess the stuff you choose to remember has a good purpose 😉

      Wow, I wonder if the people responsible for the construction of the freeway even factored that one in. Maybe they thought it would be indestructible.

  • out to pasture? psshhhhht no way.. …. :0)
    I forgot to put deodorant on the other day and I put my shorts on inside out. Not a pretty sight(or smell) and I am a few years younger than you. Maybe we can go graze the pasture together. Wait, I’d rather have a big slice of cake and coffee.

  • Ah the big 50…I hit it 2 yrs ago and lived to tell about it.. Happy early, in advance now we won’t forget birthday to you!
    Are you bringing the cake?

  • Oh gawd, I have to figure out my age the same way. I think I just have a mental block against my age. Like “no, no, no! You can’t make me remember! I’ll be 21 For-Eva!”

    But yeah, cake is good for memory loss. Cake is the wonder-food. Like “Wonder Bread” only “Wonder Cake.”

    • Thank you Shauna — I appreciate that! That’s all I ask — to be a healthy looking whateveryearold and if somebody likes the way I look — even bettah!

      Like someone said, maybe we just have just remember what we want to remember!

  • I constantly forget how old I am… Age is just a stupid number…
    BTW – I got your book in the mail yesterday… read it cover to cover…. I am leaning towards Kill Her being my favorite… 🙂

    • Wow Tham!! You read that in a flash — unbelievable! I thank you so much for reading it. You’re helping to put food on my table — hehehe! Seriously, I really appreciate the support! It’s funny because Carrie said Kill Her was the one she liked the best too. My next step is trying to do readings at ny bookstores and cafes. I’ve sent four emails a couple of days ago to places I’m interested in. After all this book stuff — I need to find myself a real job 🙂 Thanks again Tham xoxo

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