Published September 5, 2012 by Sandee

Irene Lentz committed suicide two days before I was born. She was a costume designer whose creations help to make Hollywood the fantasy land that we all know and love. I thought I might be Irene Lentz reincarnated since her death and my birth were so close, but I realized that was a silly idea, because I’m a nudist who would have nothing to do with clothes if being naked around here weren’t against the law. Read about this interesting life and drool over these designs — wow! But more importantly, dig Fred Astaire — there was nobody like him!


Irene Lentz.  What can I say?  I only just learned of Irene Lentz and made mention of her in my last post, but have seen her work in many films without knowing whose work it was.  I did not know that she designed the costumes for movies such as “Shall We Dance” and “The Postman Always Rings Twice” where she put “hot pant’s” on Lana Turner.  Check out the Vintage Fashion Guild, Irene Lentz, and Wikipedia for a more in-depth look into her life.  However, take a look at some of her beautiful designs here…

Sometimes success like this doesn’t bring complete happiness.  She committed suicide November 15, 1962.

Here are some excerpts from two of the famous movies she worked on.

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  • Irene was definitely one of the best costume designers to ever work in Hollywood. Her clothing really stands the test of time. I was born the day after Veronica Lake died. If nothing else, I have her short stature, natural smirk, and attitude.

    • Ah, so you’re familiar with her. I just learned about her today through my sister’s blog. I admire her style.

      Perhaps you are Veronica Lake reincarnated, huh? Just get that swept to the side blonde do going and Voila! She was a fox indeed!

  • Yes, I am. I’ve written about classic film for a decade. It’s one of my biggest passions (especially silent cinema), so I am a lucky girl.

    I’ve actually had the Veronica ‘do a few times (in this life?), only with my natural red. I never kept it long because I am easily bored with my appearance, but I’ve enjoyed it each time. I love her, though, and admire her rather raw approach to life.

  • Indeed. Especially under the studio system. She really got the last laugh because, although her career was relatively short, she is still instantly recognizable to the average person AND several of her films are classics.

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