My hard copy version is on sale

Published September 3, 2012 by Sandee

The hardcopy version of my book is on sale through Amazon.   The link is on the side-bar.

I’m preoccupied with other things right now, but soon I’d like to do readings at these places:

Indian Café

Indian Road Café

The Blue Stocking Book Store

The Nuyorican Poet’s Café

and maybe some other places.

Processing the things that I’m preoccupied with is normal, so I’m not overwhelmed, I’m just moving more slowly, so that I can think clearly.  In yesterday’s post I mentioned being in possession of myself.  This means I can face what I am thinking and respect the way that I process things.  I have some trepidation, but it’s fine.  It will all die out as the days pass.  As long as I have love and the vast universe to guide my thoughts, it’s all good.

50 comments on “My hard copy version is on sale

  • I’ve got an Amazon gift certificate coming to me (turns out some of those online games aren’t a total waste of time), so you’re going on the To Buy list.

    I want an autographed copy, too. How do you feel about the US Postal Service? I can mail you a copy, you write whatever the hell you want in it, and send it back. (Postage can’t be that much. Unless you covered it in lead.)

  • Awesome!! Nothing better for a writer than to hold his/her words in book form!!! You definitely need to do some readings, that would be so fun!

  • SANDEE!!! Yay! That’s so exciting!! Wish I could fly in to hear the readings – up close and personal. That’ll be a real treat for all those present.
    Congratulations on this major accomplishment, you rock.
    (Of course you’re doing the 50 year olds proud, real proud.)

  • Sandee, this is so wonderful. I’m so happy for you and I bet you’re bursting with pride. I’ll check out the links and congrats — you have done an enormous thing, something most people only talk about doing — congrats, dear friend.

  • Yay! You could do a giveaway, and let someone win an autographed copy. You could also sell them on Amazon — I bought an autographed copy of a children’s book on Amazon from the illustrator, she asked the same price as to buy directly, but it got her name even more out there. I’m putting your book on my wishlist right now, to buy on a day when I haven’t already ordered something else online.

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