The Power of Christ Compels You!

Published September 2, 2012 by Sandee

Inspired by Sara and La La, I wanted to share hope, in my case about being older and in possession of myself.  But I’d rather talk about when I was possessed.

Yesterday I snarled at people if I didn’t like their looks or if they looked at me too long.  It wasn’t me.  It was Satan.  Just as I was about to post on the glory of goodness he took possession.  That’s how he rolls.  Satan battled God for the soul of The Sword-Chinned Bitch.

I insulted people’s looks OUT LOUD and giggled like a troll.  Oh, my!  What a big round head you have, hehehehehe!  How unfortunate, hehehehe!  Showing ass crack on a Saturday afternoon.  Splendiferous!  What a nasty view of cellulite you’ve just given me — tehehehe.  I enjoyed it ever so much.  I wanted that speeding motorcycle to explode into the wall.  I wished hard for it to happen. I grinned imagining the carnage. If I wasn’t snarling, I giggled at the evil things that I had said.  I tried to unsnarl my face but it didn’t work.  This isn’t my normal behavior; my head usually doesn’t spin 360 degrees.

To age is fine, but, there are hormonal side effects that kick in especially when you don’t get sleep.

In the Exorcist, priests throw holy water on the possessed girl and chant fervently “The power of Christ compels you!”  By the bye, I’ve done this to wild coworkers and it does calm them. I went home, took a bath in holy water and now I’m back to my old Sword-Chinned Bitchedy goodness — hallelujah!  The demon has left the building, and I’ve got some pretty damn good holy things to tell you!

42 comments on “The Power of Christ Compels You!

  • You must have a very choice soul for there to be such a battle. I’m glad Sandee, the good witch, is back in business. Damn those hormones!

  • I like that “it’s better to act a bit mischievous rather than suppress it” thang. I will live thusly, having your blessing. There’s probably a lot to which the idea could be applied.
    Snarly stories are as good as hopeful ones. Oh life, why you love so much drama?

    • It’s the holier than thou types who have dead bodies in the basement. It’s fun to be mischievous for a bit — I was so happy to read that passage — it was from Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind. Yeah, the drama of life is where the lessons are — bleh.

  • The holier than thou folks got dead bodies in they bodies seems to me. You had me laughing with the first sentence. BTW, why the hell do you have PINK CAKES in the widget column????? 🙂 🙂 Been meaning to ask you that…

    • Isn’t it true though. All those goody two shoes people — I’d like to know what really goes on at their houses 🙂

      I’m a cake enthusiast as you can see by the ‘I like cake, all different kinds’ caption up there. I thought pink would be a nice complement to this blog. Mme. Weebles knowing of my fondness for cake generously gave me a picture of a pink cake that she made.

  • I just finished reading “Satan: His Psychotherapy and cure by the Unfortunate Dr. Kassler, J.S.P.S.” – how fitting… (BTW – If you haven’t read it… I recommend finding a copy I think it would be right up your alley)

    I am glad the snarling monster went away… gnashing teeth and growling maniacally at people (while amusing) kinda sucks…

    • It does suck being that way because it’s like you’re in your own little world. I’m not like this normally. It was strange — almost chemically induced — like something compelling. Sandee doesn’t make it a habit to laugh at people — it’s not me at all!

      Thanks for the book recommendation — I’m always looking for good books. I might have to check this out. I’ll let you know.

      • I hear ya… one of my co-workers said to me last week… “I can only imagine what you are going to be like when you hit ‘the change’….” after my horrid assholishness and my admission that I didn’t mean to act like that….

  • Hahaha! Right there with you! Between my hormones kicking into gear and our 17 year old in the house! That’s when the husband makes a FAST departure for something useless at the fishing store… and he says he’s brave! pffft lol

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