Published August 30, 2012 by Sandee

As I told you, I could give a shit about clothes. I see nudist colony in my future — too bad cause by then I’ll be really wrinkled. Those unfortunate enough will see my wrinkled ass play naked tennis. Until that day comes, and it will, every so often I get an urge to throw on a tiara, some shiny shoes, and a sheer seaweed colored gown for a night out on the town. My sister’s getting a graduate degree in fashion design — I had no idea it was such a varied area of study that includes art and history. Her entire basement is filled with these marvelous items that even I’d wear, with a tiara of course. Check it out yo!


Here are some of the items up for sale at Ebay RIGHT NOW!ย  Stay tunedโ€ฆI will be adding more garments in the next few days as well as setting up a preview page of whatโ€™s to come.ย  Click here for link to my Ebay Auctions, or click My Auctions at top of my page.

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