My pissed off nine year old little brother gave me this name

Published August 29, 2012 by Sandee

Scroll back to 1973

Me:  Get outta here!

Little Brother:  I can stay in here!

Me:  Stu-pid!

Little Brother:  Fuck you!  Sword-Chin Bitch!

Fast forward to 1989, walking down 9th Avenue, Manhattan.  I tell my boyfriend the tale. 

“I used to be skinny with a sharp chin.  So my brother — we had a fight.  He calls me a Sword-Chin Bitch.”

“Sword-Chin Bitch?!”  Boyfriend spits pipe out. Stops walking, bends over, holds belly.  Breathless with laughter, he wipes tears from eyes.

1991, hanging with my good friend B.  To break the monotony of post coital cigarette smoking I recount the story.

“And do you know what he called me?”

“Nah baby what he call you?”

“A Sword-Chin Bitch.”

“A sword-chin who!?  Yo that ma’fucker’s funny as hell.”

Laughter ensues for five minutes.

Years later, old as shit, I come up with the idea of marketing my homemade book.

Ah, lets see, my sister says I need a blog.  She says I need to get on that gaddam facebook, and I need a catch.

Got it — I’ll name my book Why Did You Try to Fuck Somebody You Hate, and Other Mean-Spirited Tales, Told by a Sword-Chin Bitch.  It’ll be like, like — Monty Python!

B. thought Sword-Chin Bitch was hilarious – my ex thought so too.  And I’d be giving my brother a shout out.

But I can’t say Sword-Chin – it ain’t grammatically correct.  Gotta hyphenate, make it Chinned.  I’m selling a book.  It gotta be right.

Responding to the prompt for a handle on Word Press, Sword-Chinned Bitch, no-brainer.

Months later, thwarted by my own guerilla marketing ploy with that long ass book title, I change it to Mean-Spirited Tales, but keep the Sword-Chinned Bitch handle, to the dismay of a few.

Dear Readers,

Now you see the origin of my name.  I’m the antithesis of a bitch and strive to be evolved when confronted by bitches.  My handle doesn’t mean that I endorse bitches, beeotches, or sons of bitches.  Some were put off by my Sword-Chinned Bitch head appearing in their posts.  I don’t know, should I follow her back?  She might be mean, you said.  But I assure you that I am kind, loving, and do not consider bitchiness an attribute.

God bless you.

Yours truly,

Sword-Chinned Bitch

67 comments on “My pissed off nine year old little brother gave me this name

  • I’m I never considered it offensive either.. I just think of it as you are “sharp” with your words.. and you are, very much so. Like Bitch’in goooood Man!!

  • I’m glad I wandered over here on the perfect post! I didn’t even have to ask! I love your blog name because it’s unique. And it has a good story behind it. Was your chin really that long and skinny? I can’t picture it!

  • Sandee, I often wondered how you came up with that and I found it creative, catchy. But no way, no how have I ever thought of you as a bitch. Your writing, your comments and your kindness always come through. Always.

    • Thank you Brigitte — I hope so! I do indeed see some people’s bitchiness or pettiness, whatever — come out in their writing. I’m glad I can be seen as kind. I respect that quality. I think a lot of people take it for weakness — I take it as a strength — go figure!

  • Glad you finally explained:) I hate that women even call each other bitches now and this is why. The primary meaning of bitch is a female dog. Coming from a family that bred and raised different kinds of canines I can tell you it is the bitch who will guard and protect over a dog. Not that dogs aren’t good they just don’t have the sharp maternal instinct the bitch has which carries over into their very protective nature.
    Call me a bitch. I will always take it as a compliment. A bitch is your best friend in the canine world! Sandee, you have been given the supreme compliment by your naughty little brother.

  • Hahaha! I only see you as beautiful, Sandee. I’m guessing you rock the sword chin, makes me want one too! I have yet to see the bitchy Sandee, more like totally funny!

    • That’s funny I ‘rock the sword chin’! I like that! Well, I used to rock it when I was ninety pounds soaking wet. Now it ain’t so prominent, if you know what I mean 😦

      I think on a bad day a little B comes out but I don’t embrace it. I don’t need to be that way to be strong. My problem is that I might not acknowledge when that happens, so I suffer sometimes with the Who, little ‘ol me syndrome. Mme. Weebles did a post once that helped me see that I’m in denial about that — and I’m not passive in the least, or afraid of confrontations — I’ve just always admired people who seemed wise enough to handle things in an evolved way.

      Sorry Grippy, I might’ve gone on because I know you’re a therapist who’d be sensitive to these issues. I can send you a cyber check for listening!

      Have a good night! And thanks for commenting.

      • I’m a lot like you. I think at our age we’re looking a little deeper and trying to “evolve.” But if anyone is allowed to be a little bitchy, you know we are! Age 50 = hormone hell. I’m here for you in case you get your Beotch on — I got your back.

  • Dear SCB,
    One of the great mysteries of my world has been solved. I always wondered how you got to your place of SCBness, but was kind of reluctant to ask. Now I know. I’ll sleep better tonight knowing the genesis behind your handle. Actually, that’s not true. I’ll sleep better tonight because I just had a cocktail.

  • Finally the origin! It’s like the lost Issue #1 has finally been found. I had been wondering where your nickname came from, but I knew you’d get around to explaining it at some point.

  • Nope, never been a person to judge someone by the moniker they’ve given themselves….Your awesome-ness just SHINED – how could I not follow you?

    • Now I’d love to see a post on the origins of Cubesteak! Yeah, I know, I took a liking to Sword-Chinned Bitch after mentioning it to others and seeing their reactions. My brother I think is a little embarassed that I carried it on so far. He’s very sensitive and I think he doesn’t like rehashing fights and stuff like that — he’s a sweetie pie.

  • Okay… Okay!!! you’re not a sword chin bitch… I was only nine when I said it!!!! You’re a wonderful woman… my big sister… and a great writer too… and you are far from being a bitch… hmmm… but now that I think about it… your chin is kinda pointy… So now… I rename you… BIG SISTA SUPA SWORD CHIN NOVELIST OF tHE CENTURY!!!!

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