Yeww Sssssuck!

Published August 27, 2012 by Sandee

I wish we could write “You sssuuck”or “Boooooo” in the comments section and be anonymous.   I guess if you’re going to say things like that you should have balls big enough to show your gravatar huh?

We should be able to throw eggs at posts.  Rotten eggs.  When the stupid person who says stupid ass things opened their blog, they’d hear ‘Spalat!’ and a rotten egg would dribble down their screen as a comment.

Or rocks?  I’d like that, ‘Thunk!’

Ah well…

So long, going to pray now.


49 comments on “Yeww Sssssuck!

  • Ouch, Sandee. What the feck? Don’t go there (that blog) anymore. I like that little thingey tapping at the typewriter and banging its head on the desk on your post. I wouldn’t throw an egg on that.

    Did you start your prayer with “give me patience….PLEASE….”

    • I know right?! Actually I wasn’t really thinking of any specific blog — just generally, if we had access to cyber rocks and eggs, life would be a lot sweeter, just saying 😉

      My prayer just had two words in it — “HELP ME!!!”

  • I definitely wanted to throw a few eggs and a couple of tomatoes this past week. It would be so satisfying, wouldn’t it? Yeah, I’d rather stay anonymous, too. The funny thing is, if it were face to face I’d be ready and willing – game on sucka. I don’t get intimidated in real life. Maybe because I’m 5’11” and 6’2″ with heels! haha!

    • Oh yeah! Tomatoes — forgot about those! See how the cyber sphere works — we get great ideas!

      Wow! You’re sooo lucky you’re tall. It’s so interesting to see what your fellow bloggers look like fleshed out. Now I’ll hold this image when reading your posts! With that height — I want to be on your team!

  • look out for Grippy she has got some serious kick ass height and “TUDE… love that. I say let it fly Sandee.. and I m curious to what sparked this rant.. we could all gang up on that blog post for ya? c
    create an secret alternate id for some ass slamming

    • I know — I definitely want to be on her team!

      This was just really general — nothing specific really ticked me off. Although I do see blogs that irritate me from time to time — not ones I follow or read regularly. I was kind of in a pissy mood and thought of this idea. I think it’d be fun!

  • I like to justify harsh comments by telling myself that I’m setting people on the right track. Like, maybe this person wasn’t meant to write. Maybe he/she should focus more on another hobby, like baking or painting mallard decoys.

    • Don’t know if I could actually say anything harsh in someone’s comment box — not that they wouldn’t deserve it — I just stay the hell away from their blog if they repeatedly offend my sensibilities!

      Funny you say some of these folks should focus on another hobby — I’ve said that about a particular person — that they should just stick to what it is they do to make a living! Hey, but this is only my opinion 🙂

  • niiice….
    I would totally use it to bombard Le Clown… just because it would be fun… not because I actually think he sssssssucks

  • I have been researching cakes to find the perfect one. I know you want it to be pink so I think I found the one that may not be the prettiest but I think it symbolizes our bond as blogger friends, because, this cake represents something that we both like that most people don’t .I don’t know how to post images on a comment so I guess I will give you the link to my photo bucket to see it. Tell me if this doesn’t work. 😉

    • Carla, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you giving me this cake. And you know I’m crazy about you, but when I opened the link I gasped a little — then I thought, wow, that really is cool! And I really love that you found a cake that symbolizes my love of pink and mice. This cake is too rad though.

      It’s too rad for my side bar. I wanted to stick with the more traditional cakes to display there. We might dig this cake, but I know how most people feel about critters and I don’t want to put anyone off. If you don’t mind, I’d like to file this image in my personal photo files to use sometimes, maybe in a blog post — crediting you of course for being such an angel for giving it to me.

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