Explaining things to those of the dumb

Published August 22, 2012 by Sandee

George Weaver  thought I was in Mensa.  Mensa’s that group where people with high IQs commiserate about explaining stuff to those of the dumb.  I basked in the glory of being seen as somebody really really smart, but I don’t want to mislead anybody, so I immediately told George that I was dumb.  My About page says that I’m published in Calliope, a journal printed by Mensa.  That’s how she got the idea that I was a genius.  This is her fabulous photography site.

I went to Columbia University and got an A minus average.  I feel like I can tell you that because I was old (25) when I went back to school after a drunken stint at community college; and also because I dropped out after two years of credits.  Once, I asked this girl what college she went to.  Embarrassed, she cast her head down and said Yale.  I gathered that it’s bad taste to brag about going to an Ivy League school. But only if you did it when you were supposed to do it. It’s okay if I tell you where I went to school since I’m one of those handicapped cases who goes back when they’re old.

Somebody said I probably got into CU because I was black and at that time black people were ‘in’.  Maybe.  Plus during my college interview, I had a platinum afro, a nose ring and my college essay was about being an alcoholic.  They thought, Aw the freaky black chick’s trying to improve upon herself – let’s give her a chance.  Besides, I’d give them diversity. They wanted to throw somebody freaky into the mix y’all!

I got a scholarship and took out a loan to pay tuition.  After the second semester, I decided to work there because they offered tuition remission.  This was 1988 when you could get jobs anywhere you wanted.  For the youngins — back then, you could have three jobs, jobs coming out of your ass – nowadays, you can’t buy a fucking job.  Anyway, after working there almost five years, I was laid off at the same time I was offered to be published in an anthology.  I would get leverage in my field of interest.  So my anti-establishment ass says, ‘Fuck it, I don’t need no degree to be no writer, plus, it’s more romantic to be a rogue writer. Why, I’m an auto-didact, I am!’  You see folks, why I could never have been in Mensa?  These are the kinds of backass decisions that those of the dumb make daily.

51 comments on “Explaining things to those of the dumb

  • I went to Barnard! We were right across the street from each other! When were you there?

    I actually was in Mensa for about 5 minutes. It was after college, a friend of mine who was a member suggested I apply. Not sure why i listened to her but I did. So I got in and went to one meeting. Good lord, what a gaggle of freaks those people are. So I dropped out. You didn’t miss ANYTHING, Sandee.

  • No worries. You could join me. I’m in Menses. It’s slightly different than Mensa in that you have to have your p-rod to join. Haha! Did I just write that?

  • My dad–who could build you a ladder to the moon, and come in on time and under budget–flunked out of some fine colleges. I myself spent much more than two years at a community college, and graduated from a state school (CSULB was rated best commuter college back when I was there). You only get out of college what you put into it, and anyone can get the greatest education anywhere. Including on the streets. You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. Especially since you’re way smarter than significant portions of the population.

    • I originally included a line in my post about Mensa being an organization for those who choose to measure intelligence by a limited model. I respect their ability, but to me they aren’t the authority on what determines ‘genius’. Believe me I had no shame in being a college drop-out.

      I was that anti-establishment person, for some reason, probably from birth — I was always suspicious of conventional institutions. I also found them limiting, but when I went to college I got good grades. In elementary school I was in special progress classes. I was set to graduate high school at 16, but wound up almost dropping out. I say I’m anti-establishment blah, blah — maybe I just had a behaviorial disorder — hahaha!!

  • It certainly doesn’t surprise me that someone thought you were in Mensa. I’m like you, Sandee, I worked, went to college while doing that and took out loans. Took a long time to pay them off but did it anyway. I seem to be able to pull some “smart” from that experience every once in a while. :). But rogue writer, I like the sound of that.

  • Sandee, your version of dumb doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface! My sweet husband is brilliant and has studied every subject under the sun. My formal education stopped at 3 years’ worth of college credits. Neither one of us have stopped learning, and both of us always have something to say that interests the other, making us a perfect match. You definitely always have something interesting to say! Thanks! xoxoM

  • Rogue writer, I love that. It’s going to be a great conversation starter.

    ‘So what do you do?’

    ‘I’m a rogue writer.’

    Then look all mysterious and rebellious.

  • Well, I am older than dirt and I still agree with you girls. I went where I was supposed to go, graduated almost when I was supposed to graduate, and taught because I was supposed to teach. Then I had an epiphany of sorts and flung myself into social work. That near about killed me. So, I threw in with my husband in business where both of us did what we wanted to do. I never looked back. I still do whatever the hell I want to do. Escape is essential … however one manages it. I think you’re lying about Mensa. You really are one elitist, freaky bitch ashamed to admit your membership. 🙂
    Thanks for reminding me that you’re here. My old brain fails me sometimes unless I see that Gravatar that makes me grin from ear to ear! Visit The Fuzzy Foto so I don’t miss you. I’m not getting you on my reader radar or email. I’ll un-follow and re-follow. Thanks for the link. 😉

    • Thanks for giving me a tickle, actually for cracking me up. You’re such a free spirit — I admire that. I like that you call me a freaky bitch! I am indeed, indeed I am! Been called that in one shape form or another all my life.

      It’s nice to have you drop by. I’ve been wanting to write something on that Mensa mix-up for a while. Take care George and happy photographing — look forward to seeing what’s next!

  • Fuck it, I don’t need no degree to be no writer, plus, it’s more romantic to be a rogue writer. Awesome sentence ..love it.
    I would never ever EVER be accepted into Mensa. World’s biggest dumbass here (smile)

  • Mensa is overrated and essentially a pseudo-intellectual circle jerk for posers. You don’t need ’em. When you have a talent for something, you’re what matters, not some meaningless equation that determines whether you are or not in the eyes of some affluent snobs. You’re a good writer because you’re a good fucking writer. End of story. 🙂

  • I went back to college late… (25-ish)
    I got laid off in ’02… I decided that getting an edumication was the right thing to do… So, I took out a boat load of student loans – and drank myself through UCONN… while still making Dean’s list.

    Can you imagine what we would be like IF we hadn’t killed all those brain cells with the substances we abused?

  • Judging by their admission criteria, I could join Mensa, but I prefer to be the smartest person in any group, and in Mensa I’d be the dumbest. Plus, you know that they only formed that group so that they don’t have to deal with the fact that they’re incapable of dealing with people who are dumber than they are in any normal kind of way. Let’s us form a club of bloggers who have quirky senses of humor and like to be kinda dumb sometimes! That would be way more fun than drinking appletinis with some socially inept astrophysicists.

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