Dear Diary

Published August 21, 2012 by Sandee

I got to the dentist’s an hour late because I didn’t want to go in the first place.  It’s a clinic that refers all their patients to NYU’s dental school, where they do complex dental surgery on a sliding scale.  I have insurance and a regular dentist, but I wanted to try this place to see if it would be cheaper.  But because it’s a new experience for me, I had a hard time with the idea of it, especially now when I have a lot of things to figure out – you know, life.  This week my vacation began, and having to start it out this way sucks.  I’m having mild pain underneath the permanent bridge on my upper right side, and I want to take care of it before it gets worse.  My nerves were a wreck on my way there because I didn’t know what to expect at this clinic, and also because I do know that once they determine what needs to be done, there will be discomfort, pain and large payments.

On  96th Street where the dentist is, I got out of the train, and the station was unusually desolate.  There was a wild looking man in front of me talking to himself.  He was buff, and young.  He kept turning around and looking generally in my direction. I don’t carry a knife anymore. But I opened my bag and let him see me do it, so maybe he’d think I had a gun or something.  All I had in there was a pen, but I sure as hell would have tried stabbing him in the eye with it.  He might’ve taken me down, but I would go down fighting.  He kept stepping though.

At the clinic, the receptionist said that the dentist couldn’t see me since I was late. The next appointment isn’t until October.  I took that appointment but in the meantime, I made an appointment for tomorrow to see my regular dentist.  He might be able to fix the tooth under the bridge and I need a cleaning anyway.

When this shit is behind me I can start my vacation proper.  I had a lot of anxiety about going to the NYU dental school because it’s huge what needs to be done in my mouth.  I’m afraid I’ll become a toothless pirate wench before it’s all over.  I look forward possibly to going museum hopping in Philadelphia as well as visiting some museums here in New York that I haven’t been to.  I need to maybe get rid of the idea that having a gun is nice.  I fantasized about shooting that guy in the subway station in his head.

32 comments on “Dear Diary

    • No not at all I wouldn’t judge you — after all I was thinking about getting one right? I wondered if I could get a legal one — I know it’s hard but I know people in the city who have legal guns. I used to think of it all the time then I thought of something someone said — if you have one you’ll want to use it sometime — which I don’t think would be the case but it was food for thought.

  • I have a dental appt this morning but just for a cleaning. The work they have done so far though has made my teeth feel weak in those areas. I feel that eventually I will lose them all! Enjoy your vacation Sandee, a visit to the museum sounds nice. I haven’t been to one since back when I lived in Michigan. You are really brave to trust a dental school lol.

    • Ay, my sister in dental angst! I want him to clean my teeth today too! These dental schools at Columbia University and NYU everyone goes to — they’re known to be really good — otherwise I wouldn’t investigate. Thanks Carla — I will definitely be setting out to enjoy my vacation!

  • haha! This made me laugh! Nothing could make you more homicidal than tooth pain, mouth problems and going to the dentist!! I recently had some major dental issues (I’m falling apart) and I felt like either killing myself or someone else.
    Just use your blog to get it out of your system. Rage on the page. You’ll feel better and your readers will be entertained.

    • Yes, I’ll be 50 in November — I know what happens to the body at this age. Oy! This comforts me to know that I’m not the only one who feels homicidal because of these things.

      The blog page is indeed a great outlet. Thanks GL!

      • You and I are basically the same age. God be with you, it’s a hell of a bumpy ride. I turned 50 in July and it has been a slow decent into bodily hell – not to scare you… Lol!
        I’m glad I have someone who’ll hear my complaints and validate me even when I’m in a wretched mood. haha!

      • I did read your birthday post. Besides being the same age, I liked your writing and references to all those pop culture icons of our era — I said — I’ve got to follow this woman!

        Yes, though I try to eat right and exercise — there’s no stopping that ‘slow decent into bodily hell’ — I’m right with you! 🙂

  • Sandee, you know my thoughts on the dentist. I don’t envy you! I hate going and you’d think there would be a way in which some things could be less pain and trouble!!!! It’s so expensive and so traumatic. But your post was funny and you’re entertaining us. Good luck!!!

    P.S. (I’m right there with you and Lisa). :).

  • Yeah, a gun might not be such a good idea for you. How about some brass knuckles?

    I’m so sorry you have to deal with the dentist again, although I’ve heard that the dental school experience is usually pretty good. Every so often, they do a story on the news out here about how people can get low cost dental work done at the USC dental school, which apparently has a good rep. I have my own issues with medical folks (although this mornings visit went okay).

    • Brass knuckles — hahaha! Yeah these top notch schools have good reputations.

      Your visit went okay! Yay! So I take it everything’s fine? This is very pleasing news PM! What a trial huh? I went through it myself — the fact that they had you wait, now that’s the torture. Whew! I’m glad it’s over.

  • You know, some guys dig toothless chicks. It’s easier to provide certain, you know, favors, without teeth. 😉

    Sorry your vacation had to start with a dentist visit. Not cool. And yeah, if I had seen the guy in the subway station (as if 96th Street wasn’t already a creepy enough station), I would have wished I had firepower.

    On more pleasant subjects, what museums are you planning to go to in Philly? I love Philly.

    • I know right!? I guess that’s why pirates favored toothless women 😉

      It’s strange about that station because it’s usually busy though this was at 12:30pm. I didn’t feel frozen with fear however. This guy seemed more like he might just have been on a break from one of the local crazy houses.

      I’d like to go the Barnes Museum and the Rodin museum. There’re are a bunch in the same area I hear so hopefully I could see a couple more. Philadelphia has a feel that I like. I’d really like to stay a few days sometime.

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