The Marquis de Sade did wha?!

Published August 16, 2012 by Sandee

When I went to my hairdresser yesterday – yes I have one – we talked about that original sadist, the Marquis de Sade from the 18th century.  My hairdresser read his diaries a while back.  He imagined that the Marquis de Sade’s journals of sexual deviance inspired much of the fetish culture today, as well as some erotic literature. We were talking about books, which lead to erotic literature which of course lead us to the Marquis de Sade.

Forget about 50 Shades of Grey, I want to read about the original sadist!  Mr. Marquis de Sade was ‘beyond deviant’ says my hairdresser.  “He killed people!” My hairdresser kept saying.  “He was a count he could do whatever he wanted!  He killed people!” He says, raising his hands up and shaking his head.

I got that part.  But death and sex, they’re related right? Did my hairdresser say that the Marquis had sex with people at the brink of death?  Scary.  I’m in!  No, not ‘in’ for that kind of sex, I could never be into that kind of sex, please!  I meant that I’m in for reading about it.  Wink wink.

Aside from all that icky sex and death, The Marquis has been called the ‘first socialist’ and ‘free spirit’, as he was a ‘proponent of extreme freedom, unrestrained by morality, religion, or law’, according to what I read in Wikipedia.  And he was admired by surrealists!  Wow, surrealists, wowwww…

39 comments on “The Marquis de Sade did wha?!

  • Don’t believe everything you read! (especially in Wikipedia :)) I am shocked at your interest in deviant murderous mutilating humiliating excrementive torture sodomy and such! So when you are done, would you loan me the copy?

  • Marquis de Sade sounds like a very interesting person, can’t wait to hear (in great detail) what you read about him!
    But I hope with all the “He killed people!” and sex talk your haircut was good. My hairdresser is very uncomfortable with the S word

    • Oh boy did you mention the hair cut — it sucks ass! Perhaps my hairdresser was distracted by all that deviant sex talk!

      The Marquis does indeed sound a little more complicated than I had thought. I thought he was just this insane person who liked deviant sex.

      • I have been having trouble sleeping this week. I have to get up early and go rent a carpet cleaner and spend the day cleaning my carpets. My son and his girl is coming and I have to prepare. But I have been tossing and turning for hours. It’s 1:00 am here.

  • Oh I’m such a dutz! I thought you were in central time!

    Yay! I’m so excited for you that you’re kids are coming. I hope you have a really good visit.

    I also hope you get some sleep. It’s 1am here too. I’m getting my butt to bed. Nighty Night!

      • Yeah I picked it up in a thrift store I used to work with, along with another volume of collected works. I have really only skimmed through, mostly for the smut. Maybe I’ll give an honest go of actually reading them this time around!

  • Geoffrey Rush played the Marquis De Sade in the movie, Quills. He was a weird little unit, as least that’s how this movie portrayed him. He died in an insane asylum right? Most likely from all that deviant sex. I guess he could be considered “interesting” in the way you find a sadistic rather psychotic person interesting…..

    But then again, I’m only making these assumptions from that movie..

  • Yeah, conversation riveting, hair style — not so much! He’s really good and I’ve seen him for years and I love him but this time I didn’t quite get what I wanted. But I’ll definitely see him again and I would for certain refer people to him. Sheesh, I hope he doesn’t read this — if so, I do think I had a hand in screwing my hair up as the next day I put this crap on it — I had a chemical process — that made it all bushy. People have been telling me it looks nice but I dunno — it’s helping me to be humble I tell ya what!

  • I never talk about kinky sex with my hairdresser. Of course, that might also be because I have no indoor voice; if I talk about something with one person, I’m talking about it with everyone. And I’m not sure how well kinky sex would go down at a suburban mall. (Read whatever your deviant little mind can come up with into that. Please.)

  • Auntie Sandee,
    I have read all of Sade’s work when I was a younger kid. His novels are much more graphic than what his real life was. And because of it, he spent most of his life in prison. As you said, there was a free spirit, and someone who fought the conventions of his time in his work… I might just read again Justine ou Le Malheurs de la Vertu.
    Le Clown

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