One of the those pretentious people walking around with showy books

Published August 15, 2012 by Sandee

Zeus is finer than Socrates

Nah, I’m not one of those people above, except when I was 19 and carried a fat old Sigmund Freud book with the cover positioned outward for people to see.  Now I don’t like people looking at the covers of my books actually.  On the train I don’t let passengers see what I’m reading, unless it’s Mean-Spirited Tales – yuk yuk.

Reading the Dialogues of Plato, well, half of it, made me feel spiritual.  Socrates talked about that energy underneath the flesh.  He talked of denying weaknesses of the flesh.  Can scholars of Socrates out there tell me how he knew so confidently that after you die you go to a better place?

Socrates also says “In the name of Zeus!”  I love that and I’m waiting for the perfect opportunity to say it.  Other than that I got dizzy reading it and had to give it up after five months because – I don’t know if you know this but knowing this makes the knowing of the dialogues knowable – Mr. Socrates talks in circles, which is why the book made me dizzy.

Normally I might be able to handle it but I have too much going on between my ears now and that interferes with my ability to concentrate on books like this.  Between reading that book I read three other books, including the proof copy of my own book – I tried – I tried to read this book.  It was a library book that I kept having to check out over and over since I couldn’t read it in one shot.  I finally returned it yesterday.

This is embarrassing but I wrote a post about not being able to read this book in April – APRIL!  So I’m off to read the next thing.  I’m reading An Arsonist’s Guide to Writers’ Homes in New England, by Brock Clarke.  I tried reading this Arsonist book on the train but looked like a lunatic because it made me el oh el it was so damn funny.  It’s well-written too.  I hope it stays this way.  I hate when a book is promising in the beginning then leaves you hanging.  Ta ta!

24 comments on “One of the those pretentious people walking around with showy books

  • I know exactly what you mean, when I read Moby Dick it was a Folio Society ridiculously ornate book -it had a super Biblical look about it, satin blue ribbon marker, “gold” leaf…. Very embarrassing. I read that one at home.

  • One thing no one can ever accuse me of is reading an overly literary and pompous book. I read enough heavy topics in other sources. When it comes to fiction, I want something with thrills and fun!

  • Sandee, let me first commend you for reading any parts of Dialogues of Plato! Wow. Some of those “types” of books you read and just when you think you’re getting it, it goes in those circles you talked about. I’ve not heard of the other book you mentioned but I love funny. Maybe I’ll pick them both up and walk around with the Dialogues of Plato in view so people will think I’m very literary and deep. :).

  • Lol … I know what you mean – some texts are just HEAVY. I been listening to a few books with similar content – ashamed to say I haven’t got very far…my boyfriend’s a vulture for it though. …I should prolly take a page from his book. LOL – I like my story books just fine. 🙂

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