Published August 15, 2012 by Sandee

I’m Auntie Sandee. I’m also Anti-fashion — well, for the most part. But every so often I get the urge to ‘decorate’ myself and I usually do a pretty good job. My sister however has an eye for fashion as art. I respect the idea of fashion more when I think of it this way. Anyway, she collects vintage clothing that even I can appreciate, which is saying a lot. Check out her site of Garden Delights:


Yeah Yeah, I know.  I should blog more often.  Well, I have been busy!  Busy with trying to open up an online vintage boutique!!!!  ChicCityVintage Online Vintage Clothing Boutique Coming Soon!  Until, then, take a gander at my look book, Garden Delight.  This past summer, I got some of girlfriends together and had them play dress up for me wearing some of the pieces that will be for sale at my boutique.

All the jewelry was provided by my friend Tracey for Chloe & Isabel and the photography was done by my friend Nicole for Pink Fish Photography.  If you like the jewelry and want to see more pieces, check out Tracey’s Chloe & Isabel page.  In the Boston/Worcester area and need a photographer?  Check out Pink Fish Photography!

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  • I love vintage clothes. How cool that your sister does that. I’m gonna follow her blog.

    I also have a tiny etsy shop where I sell vintage clothes. I haven’t put enough effort into it though. This is inspiring me.

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