Published August 7, 2012 by Sandee

Lurch was the first death metal artist.  Mortician sounds suspiciously like him — and here I thought they originated the incomprehensible hardcore ditty.  They were influenced by Lurch!

Check out Lurch:

Did you see me in there doing the Watusi?  So you’re not easily fooled — it isn’t me.  I just relate to Wednesday.  When the first Addam’s Family movie came out, three people said I reminded them of her, with her adorable blasé morbidity and light musings on death.

I understand that people can’t take my elevator music.  I listen to death metal as background music, dinner music, romantic music – it relaxes me.  But for those who dare, check out similarities between Lurch and Mortician.

While they don’t rock the harpsichord like Lurch, I like the driving, inexorable rhythm of this song.  Mortician usually opens with a snippet from a grade Z horror movie before getting into their industrial juggernaut.  I see haute couture models stomping the runway to this — it’s avant garde fashion show music!  If you don’t listen to it, take my word, Mortician was, like, totally inspired by Lurch:

11 comments on “Lurch

  • The Addams Family television show in the 1960’s based on the cartoons by Charles Addams, had a profoundly good influence on me and my sense of family in the world of people with plastic covers on the furniture and mah jong and Little League – none of which my family did. It gave us a place to feel comfortable. The original Wednesday was brilliant, as was Carolyn Jones who succumbed to breast cancer, and of course John Astin as Gomez. I met Mr. Astin at Johns Hopkins University where my daughter was taking one of his acting classes. Gomez had stereotyped him as an actor but the things Mr. Astin brought to the American public were fantastic: Yoga! The plants in their house and their henbane tea were very close to horticultural reality. Thing who so good at answering the phone and delivering the mail. We all wanted a Thing of our own and were deeply touched when he fell in love with Lady Thing. Lurch, and his wonderful harpsichord, an instrument generally not usually used in such a way. Fester, lighting light bulbs for us through his mouth. Morticia, beautiful with all 8 legs. Oh, and the rack – how I wish I had one to stretch my oldish aching joints. I had watched re-runs of the show with my daughter and on Halloween we went to the P.S. 3 Greenwich Village School Parade as the Addams Family. My Gomez, found thing in his usual box at the end of his wrist. A suit from my grandfather matched Gomez’. I found a collar for an old black dress that matched Wednesday’s and piece de resistance – dying dear Gillian Wednesday’s hair black – temporarily of course. As for me, a net spider web dress with legs and a black velvet Opera coat made me feel just a bit dazzling as I tried to emulate Morticia.
    The movie starring Raoul Julia and Angelica (sp?) Houston had just came out. I loved dead pan Christina Ricci asking if the Girl Scouts’ cookies had real Girl Scouts in them.
    But the movies never ranked with the creativity of the original actors and the tv show much as I enjoyed them.
    I never asked Mr. Astin, a Buddhist, or his wife Valerie Astin why John had turned down the movies, It seemed obvious. Typecast. They were delightful to me as they accomodated my cancer surgery into Gillian’s schedule as a cast member of “Our Town”. Astin had seen to it that every kid that wanted one had a part in the play by creating several different casts.
    Now that 6 years have passed, Mr. Astin a graduate in 1954 of JHU (the year I was born), still heads the burgeoning Theater Department, while I remember to thank him for bringing that family into our home. They’re creepy and they’re cookey, mysterious and wookey, they’re all together hookey, the Addams Family! Beep! Beep! Werow!
    They helped me to feel that living in my house with the Dad and Mom who travelled to Africa and rode camels, travelled by motor scooter from Paris to Mont San Michele and clothed our windows with bamboo shades and curtains dyed with tea, and snails and other exotic food, plus a wine cellar in the kitchen, and an assortment of Scotch from Scotland, not Dewars, artichokes, mock turtle soup and antipasta on Sunday were actually kind of cool. I felt like the Addams’ would have been our friends.
    How surprised I was to find that the actors who brought that comfort into my life when I felt isolated from my neighbors at such a very young age, did turn out to be friends. Astin is the only remaining member of the cast.
    You are right Sandee, Lurch was first. Be grateful, be very grateful. But he wasn’t death metal, he was a butler with what the Brits call ‘met-al’. I hope he’s your escort on your book tour!

    • Annie thanks for all the commentary. And the education about the Addam’s Family. Whew! I’m not surprised that you paid attention to the plants with your background in horticulture. You had a family similar to theirs — now that is way cool Annie! I love the harpsichord and that’s a part of what drew me to the show.

      Annie, I’m going to insist that you start a blog with all this wonderful feedback you give me 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Lovely!

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