I’m moving like a crab. Sideways.

Published August 6, 2012 by Sandee

[I tried scanning a picture of a crab I took on a Jamaican beach but my scanner doesn’t want to work.  So I inserted ‘ol faithful up there instead.]

I’m moving like a crab.  Sideways.  I’m dragging my ass about reading the proof copy of my book to check formatting issues.

I have an agenda.  I need to finish reading so that I can order copies to take with me to readings; then I have other things to take care of.   (Ooo, mysterious right?)

The last few months have been a whirlwind.  I never ever wanted to go on facebook and I would never have considered blogging.  I’ve participated in both for my marketing effort.  If it weren’t for my book and blog I wouldn’t be on facebook.  Facebook is, well it’s…I won’t go there.  It’s everything I thought it would be and worse.  Even though I get caught up in the madness myself.  I’ve learned a lot about people from facebook.  I keep swearing I’ll disable my account once my marketing effort is exhausted — whatever that means — but that would be stupid.

I promised to put all that I could behind publishing my book then move on.  I think I might be moving slowly because I’m afraid of the other side, that it will be anticlimactic.  I feel the opposite of that stupid song I hate from the eighties, where the guy says “My future’s so bright.  I need to wear shades.”  I don’t like the song but I wish I could say what he said —  I feel like my future’s so dark, I need to get in a coffin.

I like that I am moving forward despite misgivings though.  But I’m moving forward through bug laden molasses, sideways like a crab.   I do indeed look forward to getting to the other side so that I can take care of other things in my life.  I ain’t gettin’ no younger!

30 comments on “I’m moving like a crab. Sideways.

  • Oh Sandee, I know this feeling well. But you’ll get through it. I get the whole worry about the result of all the work being anticlimactic, but it won’t be. It’ll probably be different than your expecting but I can’t imagine it being anticlimactic!

    As for Facebook, I detest it. I’m on it, but I don’t post much. I just spectate, mainly.

    And “bug-laden molasses” — it’s a bleccchy image but I love it.

    • I appreciate the support. This is what makes blogging better than fb — at least you get nice cyber pen pals — facebook do suck! The bugs in the molasses are the obstacles, nasty thoughts, fears, etc. Thanks Mme. Weebles!

  • Sandee, you’re described what so many of us feel. I feel like this at times too. But wow, what you’re accomplished. So whether it’s sideways or forward, you’re getting there. Congrats. Don’t know anything about Facebook, but keep hearing the same thing that you said. I’m like you though, it took me a very long time to even begin a blog. But then I read about nice people like you sharing their stuff and it makes me feel not so crazy for doing it sometimes.

    And you’re not old. Didn’t you hear 50 is the new 30? Good gawd, that sounds exhausting.

  • Dear Sandee,
    I agree with Miss B.
    But, can I tell you hard I laughed at..My future’s so dark, I gotta get in a coffin??
    You are hilarious.
    Good luck, Lady.
    You’re doin JUS FINE.
    Love, Lis

  • Sounds like you and I are the same boat lately, what with getting our books ready. But unlike you, I still haven’t joined Facebook. Just can’t bring myself to do it–where would I find the time? Hopefully I can get by without it, but we’ll see…

  • YAYY for blogging and let me tell yer about FB… it is over-rated. AT first I had mine and while at college it helped me lose brain cells and de-compress from hours of studying but now… it is just kind of there. And obsolete. Blah.

    Keep climbin through life, even if it is sideways like a crab! Sometimes that is the best way 🙂

  • bug laden molasses, sideways like a crab… love this but everyone has already said that. Love your writing.. keep mustering through lady

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