Oh I had no idea

Published August 5, 2012 by Sandee

I didn’t know that the picture of me embracing a tree with my tongue out was pornographic.  A buddy said it might be considered offensive, or vulgar — okay. Maybe.  So I clicked my blog to see it from that point of view then clicked on the picture but it would not open.  Word Press shut it down.  I had heard of this happening to people before but I thought it had to be more hardcore.  I know word press shuts you down if your site is porno-ey.

I’ll be more careful.   I had no idea that the picture would be considered as such, just as I had no idea that the label I used for my personal photo files would be on view for those hovering over the picture with the mouse.  I guess the caption is what shut it down ultimately.

32 comments on “Oh I had no idea

      • The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. He had a lot of interplay between the wilderness and the connection to a…shall we say, unleashing of the inner savage.

        Hester was too cool to be burnt at the stake, she just packed up her bastard and moved to the outskirts of town where she worked on her art- her extraordinary embroidery of “the letter,” Hawthorne never says which letter it is, everyone just assumes it is A for adultery.

        I know it is common high school reading, but I think it is a really shitty book for teenagers and an excellent book for adults.

  • Wait, so you can write about fucking trees you just can’t show a picture of it? I have read some pretty pornographic stuff on WordPress. What’s the deal?

    • So I was tattle taled on — ohhhh, boooo! I was wondering if the fact that my exposed leg wrapped around the tree might have been considered suggestive — and here it is some miserable person reported me — tee hee 😦

  • When I was writing my homeschooling blog I would read other homeschool blogs. You would be astounded how many of them wrote about how the Earth was 6,000 years old. Now that shit is offensive and needs to be shut down, not tree fucking.

    • Hey Fred! I’m not sure what you mean, but I did indeed delete the ‘offensive’ picture so it is as if it never happened.

      Word press disabled the ability for anyone to click on the picture to make it bigger. I also had to delete my reference to Le Clown and the picture of him ‘loving’ a tree. 🙂

      After my buddy said the picture could be considered vulgar — I looked at it differently. 😦

  • But I thought we were supposed to love nature? Now I’m all confused.

    And whoever tattled on you needs to grow up. Seriously. They came to a site by a woman nicknamed “Sword-Chinned Bitch.” What were they expecting? Dignified BBC dramas? Happy kittens? Cake?

    • I know it’s crazy. I was only illustrating my passion for nature, but there are all kinds out there.

      I don’t know exactly what happened but it did make me look at the picture differently. I gotta admit I had a smidgen of doubt about it after I posted it as well. So my punk ass got scared and deleted it.

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