it’s nice to share pictures in the blogosphere with frieeeeeeeeeennds…

Published August 4, 2012 by Sandee

This Luddite figured out how to scan pictures into her computer – watch out now!  Oh God what’s next?  Maybe I’ll use my stagnating twitter account.

Yes they are low quality images, but you don’t mind because you understand that I am handicapped when it comes to technology.  These pictures go back between 7 and 17 years ago.  The ones on the left are a montage that I sent with my manuscript a while back because I was too cheap to spend money on a head shot — no that’s a lie — I didn’t have any goddamned money!   It might have been a mistake to send them this.   I’m quite sure it’s why they didn’t publish my work.

At the top left is me as Roy Orbison at Niagara Falls – we had a kick-ass time!  I wore those clothes everyday.

The NY State ID will be renewed in two years.  By that time, I’ll have an old lady picture to replace it.  Shit, I thought I was old then.  Bahaha!  Fuck that!  I’ll be 50 in November and I’m damn proud to be a woman of a certain age.  Bahaha!

At the bottom left is a Polaroid taken by a man on 125th Street in Harlem.  The motherfucker just started snapping pictures of me out of the blue.  I told him to hand them over as I didn’t want my head photo shopped onto a naked body.

Me Mummy took the picture of me at bottom right in the family graveyard in Cross roads Virginia.  I’m between Grandma Z and her sister Auntie Connie.  I’d like to get my filmmaker brother out there to do a zombie movie with me as the star zombie.  It’s creepy around those parts.

[Sing along now!] It’s fun to share pictures, share pictures, share pictures, it’s nice to share pictures in the blogosphere with frieeeeeeeeeeeeeennds…

So long!

50 comments on “it’s nice to share pictures in the blogosphere with frieeeeeeeeeennds…

    • The graveyard picture is on my desk between two small plastic skulls.

      Maybe it’s not so bad. I’m thinking maybe the picture was indeed offensive. I really didn’t think anything of putting it up there. Maybe because I had my leg wrapped around the tree while wearing a short skirt and my tongue was out.

  • This would be a good “about” page since I learned a lot about you – namely you and I have things in common. I just turned 50 and it sucks like none other. I also don’t know crap about computers. I bought a scanner but have yet to install it. It was hard to get a new driver’s lisence – I had to give up a very hot picture and replace it with my new 50 year old picture that’s only hot in that I’m having a hot flash. Haha!

  • Hilarious post. Le Clown knows his aunts. Glad you didn’t back flip into The Falls to write this. I’m not a fan of five oh no at all and I’ve had three years to hate being it. Wish I could have frozen myself at 38. Also love your 1-800 number. I give mine as 1-800-LUNATIC.

      • What I loathe most about leaving the desired 18-49 age demographic is the relentless hounding from AARP. Possibly I exaggerate a tad, but I think that they personally account for 93.7% of the deforestation on this planet with the plethora of unanswered unwanted snail mail that they send me. I’m not retired, and I’ll probably make my exit from the working world in a pine box, so go away. If you have not started to get these mailings yet, you will. It’s like there’s someone over there that has his or her eye glued to the timeclock of everyone that’s 49 right now just waiting for the second that that clock ticks 50.

    • Why thank you Fred! I’m actually 49, tee hee — I’ll be 50 in November. I usually do round it off anyways.

      I hope you’re not getting that impression from those pictures up there which were taken 8 and 14 years ago. As I commented to SSG, I think I could actually pass for 60 and I feel like I’m 110!

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