The Monster

Published August 3, 2012 by Sandee

I had a crush on Frankenstein’s Monster when I was a girl.  He was very sweet but nobody understood him.  He was pushed into a corner and had to come out fighting.  “You treat like monster?  I act like monster,” he says.  He didn’t ask to come into this world, into this horrible place — very much like me.  He reaches out but people wearing liederhosen throw rocks and chase him while carrying torches–very much like what happens to me.

At Halloween time, which is my Christmas, I put framed pictures of my first honey in different poses all over my apartment.  I’m excited as the time is nigh.  I love October! And away with this stinkin’ humidity and season of funky ass crack stench!  I don’t want to intrude on Eva Halloween’s territory but I want to share this wonderful opener for the Saturday evening Creature Feature movies, circa 1970somethingorother.  Eva Halloween has the coolest site, especially for Halloween enthusiasts.  I remember three of my girl cousins and I  huddled in their bedroom one Saturday evening, watching Creature Features.  All the lights were turned out and we had popcorn — good times, good times.  This is when I first divulged my crush.  They paid my honey very little to be in this video because they thought he was stupid.  But he was not.  He knew it would make him famous.  There’s a little public announcement at the beginning but it’s kind of cool and retro:

26 comments on “The Monster

  • Why doesn’t it surprise me that you love Frankenstein’s monster? He’s a beautiful creature, it’s not his fault people treat him so badly.

    How have I not seen Eva Halloween’s site before now? I must go and read all. Thank goodness October isn’t too far away, because it means it’s almost Halloween, and also that this disgusting swamp weather will be gone.

  • Sandee, I felt sorry for Frankenstein too! He wasn’t mean or bad until someone forced him to be because he didn’t look like them. Umm, you think there’s some kind of metaphor Mary Shelley had in mind when she “created” him? Methinks she did.

    And, I’m also with you. I hate hot weather. I love Fall. I don’t understand why people want to sit in the sun and sweat. Never have. I’ll check out those links.

  • Auntie Sandor,
    I have to say I’m thrilled that you gave a bit of blog love to Eva! Her craft is unique, and she knows her shit. Man, there’s some great peeps on le blogosphere…
    Le Clown

  • Darling, you mention me any time. There’s more than enough room here for all the sassy ladies that love Halloween. ESPECIALLY if we’ve moved on from swamp ass to lovely boots and scarves. 😉

  • Auntie Sandor,
    See? One word from Le Clown and voilà! Magic.
    Le Clown
    PS: I will not play with my brand again. This gravatar is here to stay.

  • That was cool! I’m not a Halloween enthusiast (except for giving candy to adorable children), but I loves me a good scare.

    Sad thing is, I can’t watch movies like Frankenstein anymore; I feel too bad for the monster. He really got shafted. Same thing with King Kong. Beauty didn’t kill the beast, it was all those damn bullets and the big fall that did it.

    • I feel the same way about Edward Scissorhands — too sad. And it’s too bad because it’s a good movie but it just breaks me up how he was treated. There was also this movie that I can’t find now which isn’t a horror film called The Mind of Mr. Soames, or Soams — he was a mentally delayed man who left an institution I think to enter society and people took advantage of him — too sad. If it came on tv I might peek at it but I don’t know if I could watch the whole thing.

    • Thanks Shian! Yeah, I joked a little about feeling like I’m being chased by people with liederhosen but in a way it’s true — I empathize with him. Sometimes I say my mom and dad are Frankenstein and I’m the monster 🙂

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