Mean-Spirited Tales

Published July 30, 2012 by Sandee

My book cover is complete.  ‘Mean-Spirited Tales’ is on there twice but I like it like that.  I just have to proof the interior. Create Space mailed it to me.  I hope it’s not  jacked up on the inside.  I had trouble formatting it on their site.  The people at Create Space tried to help.  A couple of the ‘specialists’ there had poor communication skills and talked over me, or cut me off before I could finish saying what my problem was.

I learned some communication skills from How to Win Friends and Influence People (I know it’s funny, right?), so I wouldn’t do that if I had that job.  Today I was sarcastic to a visitor at the gallery, so I don’t always practice what I learned in that book.  I was repentant, so that’s good.  I have tingling in my face after having my tooth pulled two weeks ago which makes me irritable.  I think I have nerve damage or worse.  I don’t want to be around people as much.  I’m going to the doctor today.  I was unhappy about having to go to the doctor, and I’m  upset because I might have to postpone a movie date with a friend because of it and I need my playtime.

I’m overwhelmed, but still taking care of my agenda.  I take the steps and look back to see that another task is complete.  I promised that I would put my short stories on Kindle during my hiatus from work.  I’ve been here for seven years.  It’s a great gig.  But with the economy tanking things shifted around, so I moved to the gallery which is closed between December and March.  I didn’t know if I would be called back, but didn’t look for work during this time.  I wanted to use the opportunity to publish my book.  I’ve been back since April.  My job is not stressful so I have energy for ‘marketing’ my book.  I had one story published but got tired of waiting for literary journals to publish my other work.  In the old days, self-publishing was considered cheesy, so I didn’t want to do it.  It is a lot of hard work to ‘do it yourself’.

Sometimes I feel like I’m doing all this for nothing.  But I need to get it out of my system.  I have a novel called “The Unavoidable” that I want to publish then I need to move on and write something else.  I’m spending more time blogging and wrapping up book issues.   At least I can say that I wrote a book.  After writing these stories I thought, these stories aren’t going to read themselves — I have to publish a book.

35 comments on “Mean-Spirited Tales

  • Are you going to have the book printed? Because despite being in the techie field… I don’t own an electronic bookie type thingy…

    WHY, you may ask… Because I like to HOARD books… I love FEELING the book in my hands and turning pages… My biggest dream when I was a wee-one was to own a library….

    I will of course buy an electronic copy….and read it on my laptop… BUT I am sure I am going to need a real copy 🙂 too

    It is just the way I roll….

    • Thanks so much for wanting to support my book. I feel the same about books though I’m published on Kindle — I like books. I’m waiting for Create Space to send me the proof copy, I’ll look at it, and if it’s okay, I’ll have it printed as a hard copy with the book cover above. It will be on the same Amazon site as the Kindle version. I’ll let everyone know when it’s on the site.

  • You are absolutely NOT doing this for nothing!! You needed to do this for yourself, which is reason enough. But being able to share the Awesome that is Sandee is even more ample reason. And the cover looks great!

    • Thanks Mme. Weebles! Thanks for the vote of confidence! You’re right about me doing it for me being a good enough reason. I hope the book cover looks okay in person when I get it in the mail. I know it’s good that I did this but I just want to move forward into other parts of my life, start a death metal band, etc. haha!

  • Auntie Sandor,
    You are doing this because you need to write, and your peeps like me need to read you. Now. When is your Montreal book tour?
    Le Clown

    • That’s so sweet Le Clown. Keep it coming! Yeah, I do need to write, whether anyone reads me or not — and a great achievement would be for me to learn how to appreciate that idea. That would be a wildest dream thing to do a book tour in Montreal!

    • Thanks Margarita! Yeah it is a big deal that I did this. I just want things to magically happen. I know the cake is fabulous! It’s just holding my place until I put a picture up there that I actually took. I didn’t get to eat it myself — I can only imagine what it tastes like — it’s a strawberry cake and the frosting on it has granules of sugar on it — good lawd!

  • Sandee– you have done it. You have written and finished a book. Many people don’t ever do that. It was all worth it and commend yourself for that. Don’t doubt or say anything negative about this — I won’t allow it!! 🙂 I read that book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” myself long ago and it’s funny you mentioned how the “specialists” talked over you. There’s nothing that chaps my a*s more than that, but it seems to be the standard now — it happens whenever one has to call cable, cell phones, all of those 800 number type things where you’re dealing with people with “scripts” on how to handle customers.

    I’m so happy for you and you should be very very proud, You’re a writer. A published author. That is a lofty accomplishment.

    But I feel for you about the tooth thing because I can’t stand going to the dentist. Hope that heals soon!

    • That’s true Brigitte, it is an accomplishment and I do acknowledge that in a positive way for the most part, then my ego kicks in and I’m bitter about not being one of those lucky young writers who’ve been able to make a vocation out of what they enjoy. As long as I stay where I am and enjoy the process I’m good. I really appreciate what you had to say. Thanks so much!

  • You’ve done far better than I ever have. I got a little tired just reading about all the work you’ve been doing. Which is not for nothing, ever. i know you’ve got one sold to me when it’s ready to go, and probably a lot more, too. You totally rock!

    • I still fantasize about being picked up by one of the big publishing houses and having them back me with all their resources — ah well… But you remind me that there is more freedom in DIY however difficult it is. Good luck on your journey as well!

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