The Beast

Published July 24, 2012 by Sandee

My good friend — she’s so sweet.  She tried listening to death metal to see where I’m coming from.  “Sandee, I tried, but I couldn’t take it,” she said.  Awre.  What a friend!  She tried.

But can you dig it? — I’m listening to this and it’s making me feel very alive.  If you can’t stand the music, check out the lyrics:

Elapsed Chainless Activity
Timeless Contradiction
Born Without Flesh
Stand – Still Movement
Nothing is In Perspective
Smashing Ground
Concious, Aware…
Mindflight Fully Digested
Consequences Beyond Rational
– Thought

Aiming of the Featherless
For it is Bournd to Existence
Sources Floating – Shimmering
– Events, That Make the Warrior

BlackHole Invulnerability
Black Flames Gallantly Dancing
Threading Human Soil
Sworn to Intoxicate the
– Planet

Magnitude Unveiled
Profused Tailored Terror
Forlorn Hope
Locked Behind Crumbled Doors
Impoverished Life
Desolated Globe

18 comments on “The Beast

    • Oh that’s funny CPF! 😆 I appreciate you stopping by and giving it consideration. I know, I understand that this is too severe for most people — like my sweetie pie friend. Yeah, the lyrics to a lot of these songs are quite interesting — some of it is actually really good poetry. I don’t know what’s wrong with me why I need this primal music — it’s so cathartic to me in the ‘outer realm’ that I inhabit for some strange reason only known to my dna, the universe, God…

      • Dear Sword-chinned,
        The lyrics are awesome poetry.
        We don’t have Emily Dickinson these days, but we have song lyrics.
        Personally, I get all kinds of happy over lyrics like these ones from Trash:
        Just a shy guy
        Lookin for a 2-ply
        Hefty bag
        to hold my L-l-l-l-o-o-o-ve.
        When you move me
        everything is groovy
        You don’t like it sue me
        either way you do me.

        I seriously love that.
        And you like what you like.
        I don’t think it matters, right? just that you LIKE!!!!
        Like it up!!!
        I love your thoughts.

  • We have a friend in a death metal band here on the island. He plays it when we go for bbq’s… It make Background” music a whole new level. I’m good with it but after a while I zone out and don’t hear it… I think that’s because of the practice I’ve had of people around me! (giggles)

    • That’s funny! I’m envisioning that now, you in a cubicle with this playing. I tell you though, I have this kind of music pumping at home while I’m on the computer doing this that and the other — I find it — let’s say — driving.

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