Comb your smooth and stroke your hair

Published July 21, 2012 by Sandee


This video below is from the bizarre movie Wicker Man (1973).  A man investigates the cult murder sacrifice of a girl on a pagan island in Scotland.  (Nick Cage did the laughable remake.) Britt Ekland tries to seduce the investigator through the walls of the inn.  He’s a virgin.  He’s tortured as she calls out to him and bangs on the walls. Youtube doesn’t allow the complete video because of Britt Ekland’s titties and ass, so maybe you’ll rent the movie if you want to see those, and you do.  This movie is brilliant.  It transports you very effectively to another planet where the laws of gravity are different – here’s a place where you’ll be completely ungrounded.  Britt Ekland’s song is bizarre because it comes out of nowhere.  It’s haunting, lovely and disorienting.  I swear I’m going to sing this karaoke one day.  I think of her as a witch in this scene.

The second video from the movie is a very short lullaby. The women in this scene are so strangely disconnected that they stroke and groom their victim, who is about to be killed, as if he would be soothed by it.  With the lullaby playing, the scene reaches your gut.  The ‘comforting’ of the women and the song make you think of being a child in your mother’s loving arms, yet you’re being prepared for a fiery death.  You wonder for a second if perhaps this is a good thing, to die by fire, then you shit your pants.

16 comments on “Comb your smooth and stroke your hair

    • Oh yay — you saw the movie! I know right — I didn’t know what hit me after watching — I was so mezmerized. Poor Nick Cage — he’s a good actor — I don’t know what happens why he makes crap — oh, yeah, money.

  • Auntie Sandor,
    Robin Hardy tried to make a somewhat updated version of the Wicker Man last year, called the Wicker Tree. It was clumsy, and made me feel uncomfortable. I needed pills to sleep afterwards. And the following day. Then it was ok. I probably had a few bad nights since then, but I blame my daughter.
    Le Clown

  • Okay, between you and Mme. Weebles, I am officially freaked the fuck out. I’m going to have a little trouble sleeping, and not just because of the cup of Earl Grey I just had (with buckwheat honey. . . mmm).

    Oh well, at least I can watch some thoroughly disturbing news to keep me company tonight.

    • Oh no! I didn’t think about having this kind of an effect — I should have put a warning in the header. I do hope that you were able to sleep PM. Oh boy, the news — sometimes I just have to not watch it. Or just know when to turn it off. I remember my coworker saying her doctor actually prescribed that she ‘tune out’ for her state of mind.

      • I’m glad you got through the night. We might all be suffering from a little collective darkness… Maybe once on the other side, you would be able to deal with the Wicker Man, depending on how you process things…

        I hope that you have sweet dreams tonight. Maybe you can listen to some of the lighter music on your playlist, music that is hopeful or inspiring to you…

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