Misplaced modifier

Published July 20, 2012 by Sandee

I edited the hell out of my book of short stories, so I was surprised to spot a misplaced modifier a couple of days ago.  A few friends read some of the stories before they were published but they were just proud that their lovely friend Sandee had written pretty stories.  Grammatical errors and structural defects weren’t on their radar.  They read it and said, “Yay!  Sandee wrote a book!”

I’ve been a writer and editor at different jobs.  While I know it’s hard to spot grammatical and structural errors in your own work, I thought I was up to the task. The editor at Calliope made just a couple of changes to my short story for the sake of clarity, so I was confident in my editing ability.

I fixed the error for the hard copy version of the book.  If I hadn’t used all of my book budget money for advertising, I would have purchased an editor, a big, hunky 25 year old who wouldn’t mind working in my apartment sitting on my lap.   I’m looking into it for my other book.

25 comments on “Misplaced modifier

  • Sandee, I have gone through my manuscript so many times, and each time I find new things I didn’t spot before. I’m beginning to think the editing is never really done. I guess you just have to get to a point where you say, “It’s good enough” and hope for the best.

  • Carrie is absolutely right. No piece of writing is ever finished. And no piece of writing is perfect. Go to the bookstore, pick up any book, you will find at least one mistake somewhere. You’re in good company, Sandee.

    • I’m glad I put it out there because comments like yours remind me that it’s maybe not as monumental. I have seen typos and errors in bookstores — one of the reasons against paying for editing is that I’d be pissed if there were any errors left after having spent money for an editing service.

  • Something weird is going on with wordpress. I was following you around the time we connected on LeC’s site, and then I wasn’t. Strange. Anyway, I’M BACK so let’s go have a cocktail to celebrate. Also, please send your editor my way when you’re, ummmm, done with him.

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