Free Dental Care at a Cost

Published July 18, 2012 by Sandee

I was thrilled to find inexpensive dental care.  At the medical building on the upper west side, the young black woman dentist jogged around busily.  I followed her up and down spiral stairs to tell her my dental woes.  The offices were decorated brown, in a seventies style.  She stopped and asked to see my teeth.  I opened my mouth.  “Oh yeah,” she said nodding and stepping away quickly as if able to determine the extent of my problems.  “We’ll get that fixed right away.  In fact we have a program.”  She said I qualified for a pro bono program.  I was in heaven.  “Let me make a call” she said, picking up the receiver from the multi-lined phone on the large brown reception desk.  The receptionist had left for the day.  Most of the lights in the reception area were turned out.

The woman the dentist called came quickly.  She was a middle-aged short, stocky woman in a brown suit with sensible shoes.  “Hi Sandee — yes you qualify for our program,” she said smiling.  “You’ll fix my teeth for free?”  “Yes indeed,” she said.  I couldn’t believe this was happening.  I felt like I had won a lottery.  She asked also if she could see my teeth.  She moved in and put her hand on my waist near my behind.  She asked me to open my mouth.  She peered inside then stuck her tongue in like a lizard.  “Wha?!”  I pushed back.  “Wait, come, I have to see.  For the program,” she said officiously.  I felt like a prisoner about to be raped.  She grabbed me and stuck her tongue in again.  I pushed her off and wrestled her to the floor before running out of the building.

I stood on an abandoned avenue, shaken and out of breath after running.  Above was bright blue sky and thick white clouds, but everything was gray.  Gray concrete slabs of sidewalk were crumbling and pieces were missing.  I walked to an area with a fence that had a destroyed building behind it.  The area looked like war torn Bosnia, with dilapidated, smoke-colored abandoned buildings and crumbling tenements.

Young men and women came out onto the street from a door on the side of a dilapidated building.  They had hair to their waists.  They were thin like high fashion models, dressed in pink, turquoise and yellow flowing clothes.  On the crumbling sidewalk by the fenced area, they set up children’s rocking horses with bright colored manes, a toy trombone and toy drum set.  The models played the toys like they were in a band.  They banged the horses and drums with sticks.  The ones playing the horses and drums stooped to play their instruments as they were so tall.

This was my dream.  I didn’t include the part before the dentist’s office where I’m on a seventies styled bus on my way to the dental office.  That would’ve made this already long post longer; besides, I didn’t think I needed to use that part…  Thanks for reading!  What kinds of crazy dreams do you have?

39 comments on “Free Dental Care at a Cost

    • After saying I don’t know why I had the dream — silly me — I realize it more than likely has to do with my traumatizing dental surgery last week — duh. Maybe the lizard tongue bitch represented my feeling of being attacked. The dentist who performed my surgery was a woman, but she was white.

  • OMG. I am soooooo glad that was a dream!!!
    I really couldn’t tell until the end!

    I used to have a recurring dream as a child, and it turned out to be very telling. I was a little girl standing on the edge of a cliff, looking down at the ocean. (Which is strange, because I grew up in Iowa). I was in a dress, but I had no underwear on, and I knew there was a guy at the bottom of the cliff. I couldn’t move. But I wanted to, I did not want him to see me.
    There was a man at my daycare, that always made me nap on my stomach. He patted my back to go to sleep, but ended up patting my bottom.
    It was never worse than that, but I knew it was wrong. Even though I was only 3.
    I started puking on the way to daycare. My mom asked, I told…and she pulled me out.
    Thank God.

    I haven’t thought of that dream in a long time.
    Dreams have meaning, I know that.

      • Dear Sword-chinned,
        I almost didn’t share it!
        For that reason!
        I had a good childhood, and I don’t want to make it seem ike I didn’t.
        I guess I shared it, because I always pay attention to my kids’ dreams.
        It could be some kind of sign, that even they aren’t aware of.

      • I’m glad you did share it. Sometimes when I share something and get feedback, or even just a comment, I learn something else in the process. I hope you don’t regret sharing about it. I didn’t get from the experience that you didn’t have a good childhood.

  • I’m thinking perhaps because you just had a dental procedure…glad that was just a dream. Come to think of it I don’t think I have been having dreams lately…hopefully that is not strange.

    • Yeah that’s what I mentioned to Brian — it dawned on silly me that this was probably inspired by my dental procedure — I should edit that last part, maybe? I don’t think it’s so strange not to dream — I forget the science reason why, but it’s probably worse to have strange dreams — something going on physically, I think…

  • I have a lot of crazy dreams–my posts on dreams about other bloggers prove that–but I have never, ever dreamed of my dentist sticking her tongue down my throat. I guess that’s something to be grateful for, huh?

    Cool post. 🙂

    • A blogger mentioned having a dream about me the other day — I was thrilled because I was in another country. I haven’t dreamed of any bloggers yet — not even Le Clown! I just edited the last part that says I don’t know what the dream meant because silly me should have realized that it had to do with the invasion of dental surgery the other day!

  • Sandee! I thought this was real — good grief, you scared me. I have many crazy dreams, flying, falling — all the usual ones and although, I’ve never had that kind of dream of a dentist/tongue type thing, I’ve dreamed of all my teeth falling out. I forget what that means, but seriously you had me going for awhile. Nicely crafted!!

    • Thanks! I wondered what people would think if I didn’t tell them it was a dream at first. I think I heard somewhere that teeth falling out means someone died — I don’t know — that one came from my grandmother!

    • Oh, anything for you nephew:

      I rode the express bus downtown for my dental appointment at a clinic. I was thrilled to find inexpensive dental care. The bus was crowded and I had to stand. The bus had fake brown wood paneling and a platform on the back half where seats were raised up on it. The seats were black plastic, seventies-styled with rounded edges, like The Mike Douglas Show seats. The aisle between both sides was unusually narrow, inches wide. The seats were two deep on either side, facing front. Three fat women approached and I turned to face the seats on the left so they could pass. They squeezed by and I gasped for air as my torso pressed into the seat at my side.

  • As if your dental surgery weren’t nightmarish enough, you have THIS nightmare? You wrote it beautifully – I was all caught up in the story and was shocked as you’d want your readers to be when the woman “tongued” you. Well done! 🙂

  • Le Clown stole my comment about wanting to know more about the 70s bus, but I thought of it first.

    Also, was the dentist hot, at least? I mean, if she’s going to shove her tongue down your throat, she should at least be hot.

    The bombed out buildings and people on the sidewalks are interesting. I know nothing about dream analysis but I bet a dream interpreter could have a field day with all of this!

    • I tell you I was just looking at pictures of Kim Khardashian — for all her media whoring and whatnot, she is fine — if the dentist in my dream looked like that, I wouldn’t have run away into that horrible war torn neighborhood! I think the dream had to do with the trauma of my dental surgery. I’m still recovering from it, mentally and physically!

  • I have recurring tornado dreams. I also have that universal dream about my teeth falling out. No one tongues me though…thank God. What a cool post, though!

  • I often dream that I’m going someplace interesting, like Vegas or London (places I have been). I’m usually going there with family, although sometimes my bff is there.

    I’ve noticed I tend to replay my day a lot in dreams. I’ve also been visited by dead relatives and cats in my dreams.

    I like your 70s bus with the wood paneling. I think all buses should look like that.

    • I hear people talking about recurring dreams. I wouldn’t mind a couple of dreams I’ve had recurring. That’s nice you get to travel in yours. That’s sweet! I wondered what visits from dead relatives and cats means.

  • That is a very interesting dream! I hope that the dentist knew what she was doing with her tongue. Otherwise it just makes an uncomfortable situation even more uncomfortable, right?
    I used to dream as a kid that a giant monster grabbed me, pulled out of those microwavable dinners, dipped me in applesauce, and ate me. I never liked applesauce. I think even back then, I was more afraid of the applesauce than the monster.

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