Dang, no wind instruments?

Published July 12, 2012 by Sandee


My tooth was extracted.  The trauma has subsided — the excruciating pain, the nausea from the medication…  The dentist gave me prescriptions, extra gauze, and two whole sheets of instructions.  Among other things, for the first day I was forbidden to blow my nose, open my mouth widely, or play wind instruments.  Dang, no wind instruments.  Question.  Is a penis a wind instrument?


37 comments on “Dang, no wind instruments?

  • I’m so glad you survived the dental ordeal without too much difficulty, Sandee! Welcome back! As for your last question, I’m thinking. Technically you don’t really blow them and I’ve never heard one make any musical sounds, so I don’t know if they qualify.

    • Thanks Mme. Weebles! It was a bit of an ordeal though — but like they say: what doesn’t kill you, blah blabbity blah! I was hoping what you said was the case about johnsons, but I might have heard, somewhere, one referred to as a wind instrument — yuk yuk yuk!

  • Sadly, I can only “like” this once. And I can only “like” it. Where’s my button for “that was brilliant” or “preach it sister”?

    Not as sadly, I haven’t seen that particular instrument in so long, I’ve forgotten how to play. I don’t miss it much; I have an electric (battery powered) version that suits me just fine. All of the fun, none of the annoyance.

    • Thanks PM! I’m glad you more than ‘liked’ this. I think you’re ahead of the game with ‘all of the fun, none of the annoyance.’ The person attached to the ‘instrument’ — ahhh — yeah, well sometimes it could be a challenge!

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