Grandma Auntie Sandee

Published July 10, 2012 by Sandee

Yeah that’s me in my pajamas, in my sister’s backyard, soaking wet. Ghetto right?  She had the sprinklers on for the kids and the bubble machine going.  “Mama, it’s a party?”  Says my four year old nephew.   “Yes, yes honey.  It’s a party,” says my sister.  Yeah sure it was a party.  I only had one pair of pajamas.  They dried fine.  I wore them to bed again that night.  Wanna know what my nephew calls me, sometimes?  Grandma.  So.  How was y’alls weekend?

30 comments on “Grandma Auntie Sandee

  • You must be the coolest Auntie Grandma, cos Lord knows it takes the coolest and sweetest aunt to do this. Plus i bet you spoil them like crazy :). Looking good auntie Sandee even in wet jammies

    • Thanks George! You are so kind and it’s sweet of you to say this. I’ve got to tell you, though my story was published by a Mensa publication, I’m not actually in Mensa — I’m waaay too dumb! 🙂 I jest and say however, that having my story published by their journal makes me an honorary member — tee hee!

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