The Pabst Blue Ribbon Scene

Published July 9, 2012 by Sandee

Some people look like they belong in a David Lynch movie.  There might be something a little tilted about them — even the good-looking ones.  His characters look like they had been lifted from an underground noir comic book.  I have fun picking out people on the streets, saying “With those features, that guy would be great in a David Lynch movie.”  I have the soundtracks to Blue Velvet and Wild at Heart.  I especially love Roy Orbison’s Candy Coated Clown.  I just love Roy Orbison.  I have a picture of me in black with black shades that I dubbed “Me as Roy Orbison.”

In Blue Velvet, Candy Coated Clown is played in the scene with the tone deaf stripper dancing on top of the car while Jeffrey is getting beaten up by Frank and his goons.  Oooooh there’s just something about this scene…  But my favorite scene from Blue Velvet is the one that I call the “Pabst Blue Ribbon” scene.  It would make a fabulously twisted commercial for this working man’s beer:

13 comments on “The Pabst Blue Ribbon Scene

  • My best friend and I saw it twice in the theater, and we still don’t completely understand it. It’s been more than twenty years since I last saw it (!!!!!!). It might be time to Netflix that puppy.

  • As soon as I saw “Pabst blue ribbon beer”, I thought of those old days when I would count change so I could run down to the store and get me a 40 of pabst Blue Ribbon! Oh yeah it also made me think “Pretty woman, walking down the street…” Wish I knew how to make music notes on the PC. (it’s 2 am and I’m asleep)

  • Auntie Sandee,
    We ARE really from the same family. Man, Blue Velvet, had such a HUGE impression on the young Le Clown. Surprised?
    Le Clown

  • I’m not sure I can ever decide which Lynch film is my fave, it’s a toss up between Blue Velvet and Wild at Heart. The Candy Coated Clown scene or Nic Cage singing Elvis?! I just don’t know.

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